I am Brianna Michelle, aka The Millionaire Babe!

I help heart centered people pleasers ignite their personal power to quantum leap their income, and turn their dreams to reality without working harder or getting stuck in the hustle and burning out.

I am known for quantum leaping a few times in my career. Once, in my bridal business going from $30K a year to 6 figures in 1 years time. A second time, in 2020, quantum leaping my coaching business from $5K months to having $20K and $50K months.

Sure, there was marketing strategy here, but the one consistent thing that was always a front runner was money manifestation and mindset. The inner work is the key to freedom and a life by design.

I have always been drawn to entrepreneurship.  I started learning about money manifesting and quantum leaping my income back in 2015 when I found myself broke living in my girlfriends basement at 34 because I couldn't afford rent.

I was told that in order to have a successful bridal business you had to rely on referrals and network to your hearts content. Being an introvert/extravert, having to meet new people and talk about my business gave me so much anxiety.

There had to be another way, so I started learning more about online marketing. Where it seemed people were earning quickly.

Then came into my life Bob Proctor who taught me about this thing called the law of attraction and manifesting money.

I had been struggling in my bridal business barely making $2-3K per month.

Learning how to manifest money was something that seemed easy and fun!

Within 1 year, I went from a $30K a year bridal business earner to $100K all by two things. 

Igniting my personal power through money manifestation.

Learning how to strategically market my bridal business online.

Since, I created a wildly successful mobile bridal business, in the #1 wedding capital, Las Vegas, and started a second coaching business with the same techniques. I created a second 6 figure business, in 1 year, and quantum leaped to $50K and even $70K months.

I decided to become the millionaire babe because there was always one thing that was consistent with every quantum leap of income and that was…. ⁣

💫Purity of the mind. Having the best mindset and belief system.💫⁣

Your mindset as to how you see yourself and your business is the core foundation to everything you desire! ⁣

… and I was guided to rebrand as...⁣

The Millionaire babe!🥂⁣

Here is why “millionaire”….Let me explain, it’s not what you think!👇🏻

Society has taught us that a million is the top! It’s the best! ⁣

🥂It’s where luxury is created! ⁣

🥂It’s where dreams are manifested & formed!⁣

🥂It’s where people strive to be because it’s considered the best! ⁣

… so imagine if our minds thought the very best! ⁣

No self doubt. ⁣

No limiting beliefs.⁣

No uncertainty.⁣

A millionaire mind is a mind of purity. ⁣

It’s your best thoughts which lead to your best self, best performance, and utmost success! ⁣

The millionaire babe was born because...

"she has a millionaire mind."💖⁣

…and I am so proud to help support other future millionaire babes that are goal driven and ready to connection to spirit, ignite their passions, grow their income, and make their dreams a reality! 

Want to join us?

I cant wait to teach you how to do the same!

Abundance in the Bridal Industry with Brianna Michelle Coaching

I have a degree in broadcast journalism, and have worked in television for 6 years. My last job before getting into bridal beauty and business coaching was Harpo Productions (aka The Oprah Winfrey Show).

I also was an actor and did commercial work as a side hustle. I landed a national commercial for Wellgate Wrist Supports and it aired on prime tv for a year after Wheel of Fortune.

I was an educator for Dior before quitting that job to solely focusing on my bridal business.

I did a mission trip to Belize, Central America in 1998. Loved it! I taught arts and crafts at their vacation bible school.


Traveling to the French Rivera

Bubble Baths

Luxury Goods

My mini goldendoodle Hennessy

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