3 Tips That Helped Me Have A $50K Month!

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2022
This week was extra special to me because I hit my first $50k sales month!!!
It wasn't long ago when I decided to go all in with my coaching business. If you didn't catch my Keys To Cash free challenge, last week, we set goals together. Therefore, I had to set a BIG one to manifest in order to lead my example.
I have been a natural born manifestor since 2014 when I heard Bob Proctor speak on manifestation. He says. "If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand."
So I would manifest a few hundred here and a few hundred there. I think the biggest amount I manifested was my $4500 website.
But there was something missing. I realized I needed to work on was my self worth, so I could start manifesting BIGGER GOALS and more money. My self worth was the missing key to the puzzle of quantum leaping.
For years I never felt worthy enough to make HUGE amounts of money. I had a unhealthy sense of self worth and an unhealthy relationship with money. Thinking that making money was hard and that you had to work hard to earn very little of it. Once I did the mindset work, and began to heal, I began to start seeing my worth and thinking bigger!
Once you can see your worth, and heal your relationship with money is when you will really start to grow!
I began goal setting and manifesting money and what type of life I wanted for myself. With this, I also started setting bigger goals and thinking bigger.
Knowing the importance of your self worth and healing your relationship with money and manifesting is what really got my coaching business to take off and bring next level income.
Know your self worth, beautiful, because you are amazing!!!
Brianna Michelle

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