Creating Your Online Course with J. Anne Photography

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2022

This week we have a very special guest, Jodi with J. Anne Photography joining us.

It wasn't until after she had newborn photos done for her first born son that she realized she wanted to pursue photography professionally.
Quickly learning that she didn't want to do portraits and wanted to shoot weddings, she began building her business.
Having a psychology degree has helped Jodi DAILY in her photography business because people buy based on having an emotional connection. 
It is so important to show up in IG stories as your authentic self to connect and bond with your audience.
When you can connect with people you will build a base audience which will help grow your business so you can start pricing your rates at what you are worth.
Your pricing is directly tied to what you view your self worth is. Your self worth is only as great as your mental health.

Brianna Michelle


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