How To Build Consistent Income - Immediately!

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2023

One of the biggest hurdles I see most hair and makeup artists make, that is costing the BIG $$$ and preventing them from having consistent income, are these 3 things:

  • Not having a pricing strategy.
  • Not taking 50% retainer or deposit to secure the bridal booking.
  • Not having industry standard of 20% gratuity added onto their contract.

Knowing your numbers is the foundation to making money.

It doesn't matter if clients book or not, if you aren't priced right and making enough money to live on.

In this weeks episode, I dive into stepping into your personal power, getting behind these concepts, to finally not just be able to have more of a consistent money flow, but to also be able to attract ideal clients that are easier to work with and soooo willing to pay these standards. 

Let's go!



Brianna Michelle, aka the Millionaire Babe


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