How To Have A Successful Bridal Trial

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2022
One of the ways you can book more clients, and build consistent income, is to learn how to have a successful bridal trial!
I used to dread bridal trials. The fear of judgement would give me total anxiety and would make me feel so uncomfortable when I would "have" to do them.
......and therefore....I wouldn't get booked. My energy was off setting. My lack of confidence, made my client not feel confident in my capabilities.
Your uncertain energy, lack of confidence in yourself and your lack of trial systems and procedures will make it harder to get a booked and secure bridal party appointment.
Here are some helpful tips on how you can create good energy, gain more confidence, and set the expectations going into the appointment so you can get aa confidence "YES" send me the contract.
  1. Get to know your client better.
  2. Get more prepared and create a system and process.
  3. Set expectations.
XO, Brianna Michelle
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