What makes you more money? Just bridal or other services?

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2022

The truth is...you don't have to be offering every single beauty service to have a 6 figure business.

Spray Tanning, Cuts and colors in a salon, facials,....and bridal servides.

No wonder why you are burning out, confused which route to take, and don't have clarity on the direction you are going.

It's great to be multi passionate, trust me...I worked in a salon doing facials and lashes for a hot minute before I committed to just bridal services.

➡️But are you "telling yourself" your multi-passionate to cope with the fact you just don't know "how" to make consistent $10K or $20K months doing just one thing?

In this weeks episode, I am going to dive in what makes you more money and how to navigate being multi- passionate and doing all the things, so you can gain clarity on the direction to grow your income!!!👇🏻





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