What You Need To Know Before You Quit Your 9-5!

Uncategorized Jun 28, 2022
Are you afraid to give up your 9-5 job and the stability that comes with it?
I was TERRIFIED to give up my job to become a bridal boss.
Starting with a BA in broadcast journalism working for Oprah, I quit this dream job to do makeup at a department store. I continued to work at a department store while I built out my bridal business, working long hours and weekends.
I reached a pivotal moment where I knew something needed to change.
Giving myself six months, I made it work! Here's how:
  1. Look for evidence to know you are capable of handling anything.
  2. Focus on your ideal client and your branding for your business.
  3. Have your website built before you quite your 9-5.
  4. Have your Instagram up to par.
  5. Do your inner work!
There are a lot of fears and uncertainties of quitting your 9-5 which are incredibly real.
You have to hit fear head on to get through it.
Using these tips will help you to prepare for leaving your 9-5 with confidence.
Brianna Michelle

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