Hey you, I know it can feel like the most competitive industry ever sometimes..in bridal hair and makeup.


But what if I told you making more passive income than ever with a loyal dream team, netting 6-figures and scaling to $20K+ months was right around the corner...


No more working 7 days a week!

Have more time freedom to live your life outside your business while the cash still flows in!


In my world...


You earn with ease, ditch the industry hustle because you not "hoping" to have a good month- you guarantee it!


You'll stop chasing bride-to-bride leaving you exhausted with little in the bank.


...and we certainly don't¬†rely on networking and word of mouth, taking years to get to 6 figures¬†because we are "trying to get our name out there!"ūü§ģ


(if this sounds like something you would love, keep readingūüėė)

For bridal hair and makeup artists, salon or spa owners who are ready to expand your business to the next level, making more income than ever before! 


You know you are capable. You just want to know the easiest way to do so without working harder than you do, right now.

You are so done with how stressful and overwhelming your bridal business feels.

You are done with team members who don't comply & work for your competition.

You might even be ready to stop overpaying your team, start taking home 6 figures.

You want to fall in love with your business, again.


Being able to take home 6 figures and having more passive income, can become your new normal without having to work 7 days a week.


Imagine how incredible it would feel to have a team so aligned to support you, that you know you can take a day off, things run smooth, brides are happy and raving reviews still flood in!

Refinement and small tweaks in your business made so easy to implement, you will just pinch yourself asking, "is this that easy?"

Here is the thing, If you can have a $10K month, you can have $20K and $30K months.... without working harder.

It is simply shifting the systems and processes with your team so you can have the team to support more bridal bookings.
It's time.

You know you can get there, you just need someone to "show you the systems and processes, and leadership,  so you can implement."

Introducing... the Bridal Team Blueprint Mastermind.

An exclusive high level program to help you step into leadership, quantum leap your income and transform your business.


Where more passive income, taking home 6 figures, and $20K, $30K+ months are the new norm while your planning your next dream trip to Italy, and working less and earning more is you're new glow up!


You just need to surround yourself with the right support, systems and strategies that will not only make it happen, but propel you into consistent wealth from here on out.

This is for you if...


  • You are ready to refine your bridal team an build it with with exclusive &¬†trustworthy team members that support your business growth, vision & brand.


  • You are ready to net 6 figures while working less, through refining your marketing systems to build the foundation of a¬†consistent $20-$30K month earner.


  • You're ready to step into soul aligned leadership & the highest version of you without holding back through strategic mindset, energetics and strategy mentorship!


  • Your ready for your business to be easy through¬†automating your business so you can turn working 7 days a week to 4 or 5.


  • You're wanting more freedom in your business by having the most amazing and loyal dream team¬†to support you!


  • ¬†You want to feel supported moving into your next level with a community¬†with other leaders who are serious about their business.


Just 6 years ago, I was making 6 figures and was miserable burning out working 7 days a week.

It would take me almost an entire week to recover from working a 3 day wedding weekend.

I couldn't even imagine bringing in more income because I thought that meant I would have to work so much harder.

I as getting ghosted, my income was stuck & didnt know how I could increase my income without exchanging time for money.

But I saw others crushing it in their business, and knew something had to be missing.

There was. A marketing plan!

I hired a coach to help me restructure my team, get my pricing in order, implement systems & processes that allowed me to attract more high paying brides, 3x my inquiries & convert them into bookings.

6 months later, I hit my first $20K month & consistent $10-$20K, and taking home 6 figures became me new reality.

....and I am here to show you how this can be your reality, too ūüĎáūüŹĽ

Inside the Bridal Team Blueprint Mastermind,

this is what you can expect.


  • Step into soul aligned leadership with ease, so your team can start seeing you as the authority.
  • Support around keeping your team members loyal & knowing how to address certain situations.
  • The $20K + marketing strategy that has scaled my clients from a $100K business to $300K business in 1 year.
  • Step into your personal power to be able to¬†"say no" to clients and things that don't feel aligned to you because you have clients and money on demand.
  • Support around¬†hiring the "right" team members"¬† because you have a rock solid process that¬†grew them.
  • Support around showing your face on social media, as the expert¬†to refine your content to double your bridal bookings.
  • Make¬†decisions in your business because you gain trust in yourself.
  • Structure the admin part of your business to gain more time and space to¬†spend more time with your family, take trips because you have a business that you run, versus letting your business run you!

Okay, Brianna,

but what do I really learn inside this Mastermind? 


You will learn next-level marketing strategies allowing you to 3x's your inquiries & bookings and stay the leading edge, most sought out from your competitors.


It will allow you to step into leadership, lead your team that feels soul-aligned, and have the confidence to be able to address certain situations with your team that empowers them so they want to stay working for you.


You will be able to create a team culture & community to support potential and current team members giving them something they want to be exclusive to.


Scale your business to your greatest financial desires, by shifting the mindset blocks holding you back and seeing them as actually "gifts" to step into your fullest potential. You'll scale doing it with more ease than ever before.

No more having to sacrifice the time, freedom and things that matter most.

You will be able to scale your business to your dream income level while living life on your own terms.



What makes this so impactful, is there is nothing like this in the industry that gets you insane results.


I saw a need in the market. There were so many pros hitting $8K and even $10K months, but they had become a workhorse or they were not profiting. Burned out and couldn't imagine earning more because it meant they felt they had to "work more" to "earn more!"

How you think as a $8-10K a month earner is different than a $20-$30K a month earner.

In reality, You will work less beyond your $10K months in your business when your mindset and alignment are right! (YEP, read that again!)

But what it takes is the right support... team, strategy, leadership, cutting edge systems & processes to stand out from your competition...all in which you will get inside the Bridal Team Blueprint Mastermind! 







ūü•āLifetime access to all Brianna's bridal business courses: Bridal Team Blueprint & Your Booked Out Bridal Business. As well as, Design Your Destiny, Brianna's mindset program.¬†You will have lifetime access¬†to go back and reference these courses- anytime!¬†This is the curriculum you will follow¬†to step into your leadership and scale to consistent $20K months and beyond with a team. ($9,000 value - alone)


ūü•āBi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls¬† focused on leadership, refinement with your social media, and team. ¬†Get feedback from other 6 figure earners in the group and actually have a game plan to hit those goals in the next 2 weeks! Anything YOU need to get real RESULTS!¬†($24,000 value)


ūü•āQuarterly private 60 minute calls with Brianna for your "customized multiple 6 figure bridal biz."¬†This is detailed¬†audit your website, personal branding and marketing are positioned of a $20K a month earner. We make SURE THERE IS NOTHING MISSING and you are set up to scale!¬†($5500 value)¬†


ūü•ā"Financial Audit"¬†¬†Your personalized financial plan, so you¬†can see¬†how many bridal bookings you need to scale to¬†a $300K bridal business. How much you should be working your team and how much you should be servicing.¬† See¬†how much you should be paying out your team, paying yourself along with planning for taxes and expenses. ($2997 value)¬†


ūü•āInstagram monthly marketing¬†audits!! Every¬†month, I will be personally diving into your IG stories, reels, and posts giving hands on feedback so you can refine your Instagram game to be the most sought out and go-to in your market and have brides on demand!¬†($1000 value)


Access to Group Voxer voice & text support with Brianna and your business besties. Ask questions between calls 24/7 with Brianna and your new business besties to get feedback, and ask questions from other 6 figure earners in your industry & build sisterhood, as you implement the modules. ($2500 value)


ūü•āAccess to our private facebook group¬†so you never feel stuck again! My team and I are in here answering all questions daily M-F. Ask for feedback on team issues, marketing strategies, website implementation, CRM, mindset, manifestation and ANYTHING...even how to navigate life as a 6 figure business owner, ads, get ideas to increase sales.¬†(Invaluable)


ūü•āGuest trainings on¬†mindset and personal development. Personal Development expert on Human Design- exactly what a 6 figure business owner needs for growth. Money Mindset expert to help you take control over your finances so you know exactly how much you are making and can, you know, allocate your money to all the fun stuff.¬†($3000 value)


Total value: Over $66,367


Your investment is just a fraction of that. 


12 Month Commitment $997 per month,

or $11K PIF


6 Month Commitment $1497 per month,

or $8300 PIF 



Not only that, there 3, 6 and 8 month payment plans available because I want to allow as many bridal pros in the Mastermind to expand their business this year and expand to making 6 figures with ease.


Apply through Pay Pal Credit or our third party funding to reduce payments as low as $200 per mth.  

(Installment plans through Pay Pal credit and 1-2 year third party funding available upon request.)

Plus, as an additional invaluable bonus...

Market Exclusivity!


In our mastermind program, We will only be exclusively working with 1 bridal hair and makeup company per market. This is to ensure there is not any marketing overlap with your direct competitors. Meaning more clients on your calendar!


The following markets are already taken: Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Seattle, Charleston, SC,  Charlotte, NC, Napa Valley CA, Orlando FL,  Sacramento, CA

If your market is taken you can still apply and if a spot comes open we will notify you. 



It is time to transform your business!

You know you are meant for more, and just dream of having the most beautiful bridal business that allows you to have freedom....time and space for the people and experiences you are desiring most.


You KNOW you are CAPABLE!

You just need someone to help show you the steps and guidance along the way! You want to run a profitable business with ease and flow and a rock solid team to boot!......and make money all while you do it.

You are craving both freedom and success without having to exchange time for money.

It starts here with the Bridal Team Blueprint Mastermind!

What do you say? Are you in, babe?



Still unsure?


Here are some examples of some of the other questions that are asked inside the Mastermind and uniquely answered for each client.


How do I get my team to only want to work for me?

How do I tell my team I am paying them too much and still keep them working for me?

How can I schedule trials easier with my team?

How do I address certain situations that come up with my team?

How do I grow my revenue from here without having to sacrifice time with the people and things that matter most?

How do I double and triple inquiries & bookings with ease?

When is it the right time to start looking for other ways to have multiple streams of income?

How do I sustain $20K months without burning out?



If you are a bridal hair and makeup artist who is already built the foundation and you want support in the above, it starts here with the Bridal Team Blueprint Mastermind!


What do you say? Are you in, babe?






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