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If you want more freedom in your business and to work less and earn more building a team will help you grow your business faster than you ever thought was possible!

A loyal team, belief in yourself, and strong leadership is the missing factor to freedom and the ability to work less and earn more!


Your team is the core foundation to quantum leaping your income, and obtaining more freedom in your life.   

And I’m ready to PROVE IT to you!


Join me at my 2-day workshop for bridal business owners AND entreprenuers:



2 days of learning my exact step by step process in how to go about building a team that scaled me to a wildly successful 6 figure bridal business.



Ill be there, Brianna! Save My Seat!



Here’s how it works:

How To Build A Loyal Bridal Team kicks off on Monday, January 31st and Tuesday, February 1st.

Each day starting at 2pm eastern we’ll meet on Zoom for 60 minutes to dive deep into the daily training together. You’ll have a chance to ask me questions, get feedback on your specific business questions, and you might even get some hot seat coaching!  

....and you'll get an amazing workbook to help you get started!


But that’s not all… 


At the end of our 2 days together, I’m going to be giving away CASH PRIZES! 


Two lucky people will receive cash transfers into their bank accounts - $100 and $100 - but you’ve gotta show up and participate in order to be eligible. 


After our 2 days together, you’ll have a whole new outlook on having a team that will help you grow, scale your business! Start building wealth and the freedom your want within your business!


If you work hard AF in your business and are doing business alone, or can’t seem to find loyal team members, then you can’t afford to miss "Build A Loyal Bridal Team" Workshop!





Here’s a peek at the schedule: 


DAY 1: The importance and benefits of having a team and my 3 step process for finding loyal team members and onboarding them.


We’ll get started with a little kickoff celebration and the understanding the REAL importance of building a team and stepping into your leadership role. Then, we’ll dive into my EXACT 3 STEP PROCESS in how to go about finding team members, interviewing them and making sure they are the best fit for raving reviews! This is my exact process for how I built a wildly successful 6 figure business and loyal team. This way you are set up for success for day two.


DAY 2: The action plan of keeping a team. The in's and outs of keeping them and building sustainable systems, boundaries and processes.


If you want to have loyal team members, you have to make to a win, win for your team, so they stay.

In day 2, we'll be going over pay structure, contracts, incentives and structuring your business and life by design, aka FREEDOM IN YOUR BUSINESS!


After day 2, you will have everything you need to allow you to step into the most incredible, CEO version of yourself so you can finally start to take your business to new heights that you never believed possible and have the team to support it!


 We finish our time together by creating a action plan so that you can SUSTAIN YOUR TEAM.

..because babe, now that you have a beautiful team, you will need the action plan for more income so you can support your team, so you can let your team support you!


You can earn more and work less and have that freedom in your business that your desiring, but you cant do business alone.


Then we’ll wrap up with a toast! We’ll CELEBRATE you for committing to doing the work and showing up! I’ll announce the winners of the prizes, and we’ll do a big virtual hug before signing off.

So what do you say? 


Are you ready to build your dream team and start having more freedom in your life and in business?




Can’t make it live? 


I totally get it - you’re a business owner and you’re BUSY.


So replays will be sent out and available for 1 week after the workshop. 


But, babe - we both know you’re probably not going to watch the replays. And the magic comes from committing to yourself and your business and showing up LIVE. This way, you’ll actually do the work and experience the huge payoff that I’m promising. 


So please do your best to show up to the live training. You will be so, so happy that you did. 


Just 2 hours could change the entire trajectory of your bridal business… but only if you let it.


All the education shared can be applied to USA, Canada and Worldwide and is based on Independent Contractors.