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Learn the exact step-by-step system hundreds of my students have used to build a loyal bridal team, go from inconsistent 10K to consistent 20K+ months without burning out working 7 days a week creating a freedom-based business!


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Ready to go from inconsistent income to consistent $20-$30K months with a loyal team?


Your team is your key to passive income, not having to work every single Saturday and be able to spend more time with the people and things that matter most.

 You’ll learn exactly WHY inside of Build A Loyal Bridal Team - 2 day workshop.


 You will learn:

  • ✅ The biggest mistakes to avoid when hiring "the right" team members (this will save you hours of headaches)
  • ✅ My signature blueprint for turning your $1500 Saturdays into $5000 Saturdays, so you can keep your team working, so they stick with you long-term. 
  • ✅ My signature 5-step formula that will help you step into your role as a leader and a BOSS – a crucial process to go through if you’ve never been a boss before and don’t know where to start.(so that you’re not just seen as ‘another one of the girls’ but as the LEADER)
  • ✅ How today's top bridal pros are being able to pay their team top dollar (and what they are paying them) all while being able to take home 6 figures themselves.
  • ✅ How to set rules and boundaries with your team via a rock-solid agreement to reduce overwhelm, create ease and peace in your business.
  • ✅ How to cut your admin time in half to start working "on" your biz and not "in" your biz.
  • Why in today's world you can no longer rely on referrals, vendor relationships and post pretty pictures on Instagram when it comes to being able to net 6 figures.

($555 Value)


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Our proven Bridal Team Blueprint Mastermind program has helped hundreds go from inconsistent income to consistent $20K-$30K months in a matter of months! Here is the proof!



For both newbies & seasoned hair & makeup artists, and salon and spa owners who also do bridal.


This is for you, if... 


➡️ Are you a hair and makeup artist, wanting to increase your income by turning your $1500 Saturdays into $5000 Saturdays through a loyal raving review bridal team & cut admin time in half.


➡️ Already have a bridal team, but are still unsure how to refine your current team, or grow your bridal bookings to keep your team working.


➡️ Are a salon and spa owner looking to build out your bridal team to increase profits to have more financial freedom.


➡️ Looking to build a team, but don't know what to pay your team, where to find team members, or how to get started.


➡️ Want more freedom in your business, earn more work less, and know the answer is adding more systems and processes within your "team" but unsure where to even start.


➡️ Not sure where to find ideal & loyal team members and make sure they aren't just in it for themselves. 



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Former 6 figure bridal hair & makeup artist business owner turned million dollar brand.


I used to be in your shoes... wanting to earn more, work less and have more time and freedom in my business, I knew the key was building my team and refining my current team, but unsure where to even begin. 

I woke up one day realizing I had to create more systems, structure & processes or I was going to be burning out. 

I turned my $1500 Saturdays into $5000 Saturdays, with a proven marketing blueprint, refined my systems and process with my team and created a freedom based business that allowed me to travel 4 times a year working only 3-4 days per week, and cutting my admin time in half.

And after working with hundreds of bridal businesses and salon owners helping them grow their team, I know the exact information you need to get started finding and hiring the right team members to being able to keep your team working through more bridal bookings!

I’ve put the information together in a FREE workshop so that you can get going on building your team right away and scale to a freedom based business… without all the confusion and overwhelm.


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