Learn my exact strategy on how I was able to build a loyal team, and scale to $10-$20K + months and create more ease & freedom in my bridal business!

($555 Value)

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Hey! Are you a hair and makeup artist, lash artist, salon and spa owner or wedding planner wanting to earn more and know the solution is a team, but don't know where to start?

Want to earn more work less, and know the answer is in your "team" but unsure where to even start?

Or, perhaps you already have a team, but it was thrown together with no systems, processes or structure to grow with ease?

Not sure where to find ideal & loyal team members and make sure they aren't just in it for themselves? 

Feel overwhelmed with the idea of building a team? 

Aren't too happy with your current teamTired of them working for other teams...


I used to be in your shoes!! 

And after working with hundreds of bridal business owners and helping them grow their team, I know the exact information you need to get started on the right path. 

I’ve put the information together in a FREE workshop so that you can get going on building your team right away and scale… without all the confusion and overwhelm.




Bridal Team Blueprint Workshop

 A 2 day, 1 hour, workshop for bridal business pros who want to scale to $10-$20K months, with a team, so they can spend more time with the people and things that matter most.

Plus, get my free workbook to get started now!!!


"I was mind blown!!!! This was the most informative workshop ever! I learned so much on what I need to do now when it comes to a team!" - Rachel B


This is what I need, Brianna! Give me the workshop!

For hair and makeup artists, lash artists, salon and spa owners and wedding planners.

Your team is your key to passive income & having the business of your dreams!


You’ll learn exactly WHY inside of Bridal Team Blueprint – The Workshop.


Here’s what else you’ll learn👇🏻


  • ✅ The biggest mistakes to avoid when hiring your first team members (this will save you hours of headaches)
  • ✅ My signature 5-step process that will help you step into your role as a leader and a BOSS – a crucial process to go through if you’ve never been a boss before and don’t know where to start
  • ✅ The 8 things you need to do to establish yourself as an authority figure in your team (so that you’re not just seen as ‘another one of the girls’ but as the LEADER)
  • ✅ My payout system & process – so you can get started on the right foot without second-guessing whether or not you’re paying your team properly… a HUGE stress-saver!
  • ✅ How to set rules and boundaries with your team via a rock-solid contract so that you’re protected legally from the get-go
  • ✅ My top tips for scaling your revenue so you can keep your team happy & working, so they stick with you long-term and don’t leave you for your competition.

($555 Value)


We’ll also take some time to dream together and envision what it will look like when your business dreams come true — both in your business and in your life. 


Will you buy your first house? Go on your dream trip? Finally take a honeymoon? Whatever this looks like for you, I want it to be at the forefront of your mind so that you know what you’re working so hard towards! 


If you work hard AF in your bridal business and always seem to be burning out and not getting ahead, then you can’t afford to miss out on Bridal Team Blueprint – The Workshop. 


➡️ I KNOW HOW BUSY YOU ARE, so this workshop is 0% fluff or filler. 


Get ready to have your mind blown with how much valuable information is packed into this.


It’s time to get started on building a team and be able to pay for more than just the bills!! 



 Here’s a peek at the 2 day schedule: 


DAY 1: The importance and benefits of having a team and my 3 step process for finding loyal team members and onboarding them.


We’ll get started with a little kickoff celebration and the understanding the REAL importance of building a team and stepping into your leadership role. Then, we’ll dive into my EXACT 3 STEP PROCESS in how to go about finding team members, interviewing them and making sure they are the best fit for raving reviews! This is my exact process for how I built a wildly successful 6 figure business and loyal team. This way you are set up for success for day two.


DAY 2: The action plan of keeping a team. The in's and outs of keeping them and building sustainable systems, boundaries and processes to grow your revenue with a team.


If you want to have loyal team members, you have to make to a win, win for your team, so they stay.

In day 2, we'll be going over pay structure, contracts, incentives and structuring your business and life by design, aka FREEDOM IN YOUR BUSINESS!


After day 2, you will have everything you need to allow you to step into the most incredible, CEO version of yourself so you can finally start to take your business to new heights that you never believed possible and have the team to support it!


 We finish our time together by creating a action plan so that you can SUSTAIN YOUR TEAM and Q and A session so you can ask me anything when it comes to your bridal business!


..because babe, now that you have a beautiful team, you will need the action plan for more income so you can support your team, so you can let your team support you!


You can earn more and work less and have that freedom in your business that your desiring, but you cant do business alone.


So what do you say? 


Are you ready to build your dream team and start having more freedom in your life and in business?