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For the ambitious, driven, multi passionate bridal & beauty pro who has a vision to expand her business to create time, location, and financial freedom for herself!











Do you dream of...


  • MORE income through an online business, but not sure how to go about it without having to exchange time for money.
  • Creating passive income that brings you in 5 figure months, so you can spend more time with the people and things that matter most.
  • Traveling more, having the laptop lifestyle, but can't seem to scale your online business to consistent 5 figure launches to support your dream life.
  • Scaling your online course or program to multi 5 figure months.
  • Earning more with ease through your online business, courses or coaching program without sales calls, cold DM messages and icky sales strategies.
Yes, I want in!

All the tools YOU need to scale to $50K months, through your online courses & programs, so you can say bye bye burnout and hello to the champagne lifestyle you know you were meant for!


Day 1 (Energetics & Mindset)

My exact $50K month strategy for a 15 hour work week. What having an online business actually looks like and what it can look like for you.

The mindset and energy to become a money magnet clients desire to pay for your online products, courses or services.

My time management tips for how I managed to build my coaching business while running my bridal business without burning out. Collapsing time hacks.


Day 2  (Foundation & Strategy) 

Scaling with passive income strategies.

Reoccurring revenue. How to get more of it.

My secret sauce for guaranteed “sold out” launches and programs.

My 3 step process that allows you to consistently scale without having income dips or plateaus. 

Yes, I want in!



 You are an ambitious, driven, bridal or beauty pro, educator, online coach, course creator who has a vision of building a multi-6-figure or 7 figure empire without exchanging time for money.

You are ready to create more passive revenue, attract  soul-aligned clients who value you, your expertise and experience.

You are done with having to work every weekend the demand of the bridal and beauty industry calls for and want more freedom in how you earn.

You are done with cookie cutter launch strategies and are ready to finally have a 5 figure launch with your online course.

You want to create a business that gives you time, location and financial freedom instead of spending every minute working for nothing - shall we talk about all of your admin time you don't pay yourself for?

You’re tired of your limiting beliefs, excuses, money drama & lack of accountability getting in your way of having the lifestyle and business of your dreams.

Here is how it works!

The masterclass kicks off on Monday, April 24th at 3pm EST

Each day starting at 3pm eastern we’ll meet on Zoom for 60 minutes. We will plan to dream, create, get motivated, as we learn what exactly is needed to step into the online coaching space, make $50K months and a 15 hour work week your new norm. You’ll have a chance to ask me questions, and you might even get some hot seat coaching!  

Can't make it live? 

I totally get it - you’re a business owner and you’re BUSY.

So replays will be sent out and available for 1 week after the masterclass. 

But, babe - we both know you’re probably not going to watch the replays. And the magic comes from committing to yourself, or your business and showing up LIVE. This way, you’ll actually do the work and experience the huge payoff that I’m promising. 

So please do your best to show up to the live training. You will be so, so happy that you did. 

Just 2 hours could change the entire trajectory of your life… but only if you let it.

Yes, I want in!

Plus, as a special thank you for attending the live, I have a little gift for you...


Grab my offer check list mini workbook to get started to making sure you have a well rounded scalable offer.

Yes, I want in!

Who is Brianna? Former 6 figure bridal hair & makeup artist turned multi 6-figure business coach & mentor


As a multi-passionate creative and a dreamer, I was never meant to just earn money one way.

So, in 2018, after getting married and I stated looking at my future and how I was going to retire. It didn't look lugging my makeup kit from hotel to hotel every weekend.

After being in the bridal industry for almost 20 years, while I loved what I did, I was tired of my body aching and my back breaking.

In 2018, I started looking into online education and passive income as a means to expand my beauty business and create more freedom for myself.

In 2019, I created my first course, Posting for Profit. I spent endless hours doing & learning everything about selling courses online—I was passionate about helping bridal pros create 6 figure businesses, and determined to make it work. And yet…

It flopped.

Barely making $2k/month despite all my hard work. I was sick of cookie cutter strategies, having cold conversations in the DM's and coaches telling me I needed to have sales calls after sales calls.

Despite my disappointments, I kept learning, I didn't give up.

6 months later, I had my first $5K month as online coach and 1 year later hit my first $10K, but business felt hard.

At that point, I had invested in over $30K into coaches with no real return.

I continued to look to find the missing piece to the puzzle. I knew there had to be an easier way... the way everyone else online was talking about their "sold out launches with ease."

I started studying manifestation, money mindset, —I hadn't tapped into that yet. Anything and everything I could in order to do the inner work and outer work to match the reality I desired.

8 coaches later and $75K of investments, I discovered, "I was the secret sauce to having a wildly successful online coaching business." That being in alignment with what felt good to me, trusting myself and stepping into my authenticity was the key to having a wildly successful online business, earning more with ease and obtaining freedom.

I adapted a CEO mindset, stepped into leading myself, worked on overcoming limiting beliefs that helped me step into my personal power and have an unshakable confidence.

Fast forward to today, and my life is absolutely unrecognizable (in the best way!).

My business is a well-oiled machine and global brand bringing in $30-$50k without question every month thanks to multiple revenue streams and passive income strategies.

I moved mountains to get to where I am today.

So can you.

Yes, I want in!



On the other side of the fear and uncertainty can be your freedom.

Through each stage in my business, I needed to get the support and strategy to help propel me to the next level. Otherwise, I would have stayed stuck at my current income, burning out, overwhelmed and wondering if freedom and earning more with ease could actually be possible for me.

What if this could finally "be the thing" that gives you that magical ah ha to ignite a "hell yes," I can do this, let's go?

My promise to you is that...

  • After one day together you will have a complete understanding of how it is possible for you to grow your online business to what seems like unrealistic money.
  • After 2 days together, You will learn time management strategies and what it takes to create passive income, reoccurring revenue and how I do it all with ease.
  • You will leave with the action steps and strategy to start moving in the direction to time, location and financial freedom.

These strategies have helped me quantum leap my income all while creating more time, peace, freedom and joy...

.... and you are next!✨

Yes, I want in!









Yes, I want in!