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Success Stories


Brianna is a world renowned success coach for bridal and beauty professionals helping them scale to 6 and 7 figure businesses without burnout! She specializes in what she believes are the 3 magic "M's of success: Mindset, Marketing and Manifestation.

Through Brianna's coaching and support programs her clients are known for quantum leaping. Scaling to their first $10K month in 1 months time completely new to business. They go on to build multiple 6 figure businesses and million dollar brands!



We provide results driven coaching and mentoring to help you step into your personal power and start creating the life of your dreams.

Our courses and group programs help you implement foundational marketing strategies, mindset techniques and money manifestation practices so you can...


🥂Create a bridal business you love!

🥂Remove burnout, overwhelm and hustle from your life and business.

🥂Start building wealth to have more freedom in your life.


Here's how we do that!


We teach you the mindset work to help you remove blocks that are holding you back from stepping into your next level income.

We teach you strategic ways to help you market your business online, so you can earn more and work less.

We help you set goals to step into your personal power to become your highest self through learning the power of manifestation!


It is the ultimate success system to grow and quantum leap your income, transform your life and your business!

Your dreams can be your reality when you follow a PROVEN BLUEPRINT to support them!

"I made $7800 in 4 weeks just from Posting for Profit! It has been the best investment Ive ever made. I then hit a $13,000 month exactly 4 months later and its been 5 figures ever since. Prior to working with you,  my income was random and I was -$4000 in my business. Now, I am a 6 figure earner.  I get leads and sales. I couldn't have done it without you!" 

- Michaela with Pearl Girl Makeup, Toronto CA

*Since, Michalea hit her highest Month 6/2022 at $44K and is projected to hit $300K in her bridal business by the end of 2022 from investing in the blueprint.

“She has completely transformed my business! Before working with Brianna, I was booking here and there but not seeing the fruits of my labor. After working with her in just a few weeks, I went from $1200 months to $8000 months within just 1 month of implementation. Once I got over the fear and just jumped all in, it was the best decision I've made in my business. She's helped me in so many ways from the little things such as tips to get more inquiries to changes needed on my website to book more brides. I can't thank her enough! Just do it!" 

- Autumn with Sorellina Beauty, Philadelphia, PA

*Since Autumn, mother of 2, has hit multiple $20K months all while spending more time with her family and working less.

“I knew I had signed up for business coaching, and I knew you were going to help me transform my business, but didnt know that you were going to help me transform as a person, as well. The little things that I had to do weren't hard. Once I got over the fear, and just went all in, the money started coming to me. We are so booked and so busy, we will hit over 6 figures this year and I am growing my team! “ 

- Marianna with Mar and Co Beauty, Philadelphia, PA

*Since Marianna, mother of Harper, has had multiple $30K months and has completely transformed her mindset while growing her second location.

Pricing for Profit

With Pricing for Profit, you get all your questions answers on pricing services, trials, payouts to team members, gratuity, travel fees, extra artist fees & everything in between to create consistent income, & run a profitable business!


Your Booked Out Bridal Business

Your Booked Out Bridal Business is a proven blueprint for wedding professionals. This is your business in a box. This is for those wedding pros looking to scale to consistent $10K months and beyond. Great for newbies and also seasoned pros that might have holes missing if you are not having consistency in income.


Get deep and intimate with me as we discuss all things money when it comes to your business. How to become a true money magnet in your life and business. Through all the things from how to manifest money, to strategic marketing to boost your biz and all the things that fall in between. Hear my journey of struggles to triumph starting out as a bridal business owner. From the tears, to the celebrations, to starting a second coaching business that quantum leaped in 2020. There is no truth left untold!

Abundance in the Bridal Industry with Brianna Michelle aka The Millionaire Babe
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