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This is for you if...👇🏻


  • Your income is all over the place some $3K months and some $6K. Maybe you have had a $10K month, but it's very inconsistent.
  • You dream of consistent $10K+ months.
  • You are unsure how to market yourself.
  • You feel like no one is willing to pay your rates.
  • You get inquires, but get ghosted after sending out your rates or left on read.
  • You want to be the most sought after and willing to put in the work to create consistent $10K months.


In this, 2 hour, workshop for bridal business pros ready go from broke to booked out, I am going to show you how to stand apart, attract dream brides willing to pay your rates, and have inquiries and bookings on autopilot!

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Meet, Stephany, a wedding planner who was brand new to business. She had zero income with NO IDEA how to find clients. In the first month of implementing the blueprint, she made $7000.


Meet Summer, before working with me she was struggling with inconsistent revenue,  feeling it hard to keep her team working and keeping her business afloat. Some months $8K other months $4K.  She was overwhelmed, burning out and didnt know where to even start.  After implementing the blueprint within 2 months she had her first $12K month, and felt more confident that she could sustain her team & business with the systems and processes inside the blueprint that made her feel she was building a sustainable business.


Meet Galya, a hair and makeup artist barely making $2K, $3K months that loved Instagram but never really knew what to post that was going to get her booked out. After implementing the blueprint, she had her first $10K month in a matter of weeks! She went on to have $20K and $30K months and is now one of the most sought-after bridal makeup artists in her industry.


Meet Stephanie, a hairstylist who was having inconsistent income behind the chair. Getting clients felt hard and really wanted to grow the bridal side of her business. After implementing my blueprint, in 90 days, she had her first 8K month, then 12K the next month, and then 17K the month after that. Since she’s had nothing less than a $15K month. Her business now feels easy knowing she has the right system to bring in ideal clients, have brides on demand, willing to pay her rate! She has since had the time and more money to open her very own bridal studio space! She wished had jumped into the program so much sooner!




Learning how to stand apart in a saturated is the key to attracting brides that can afford your rates, leaving headache brides behind if you want to have consistent income and a 6 figure bridal business.


You’ll learn exactly HOW inside my 2 day masterclass- How To Book Out In A Saturated Market. Here’s what else you’ll learn:


  • The biggest mistakes to avoid when posting on social media that is preventing potential brides not to book you.


  • My signature 5-step process that will help you get SEEN and start attracting brides on demand – a crucial process to learning how to market your business, if you want to attract brides willing to pay your rates, see your worth, and start doubling your inquiries for consistent income. 


  • The #1 key factor in getting your brides to not even question your rates.


  • The 3 things you need to do to establish the like, know and trust factor with your potential bride so you get them to say, "Yes, send me the contract."


  • My exact system to get brides to book quickly – so you are not waiting around for them to book.  



  • My top tips for managing your bookings and staying organized so you can have happy brides and get raving reviews!


We’ll also take some time to dream together and envision what it will look like when your business dreams come true — both in your business and in your life. 


Will you buy your first house? Go on your dream trip? Finally take a honeymoon? Whatever this looks like for you, I want it to be at the forefront of your mind so that you know what you’re working so hard towards! 


If you work hard AF in your bridal business and always seem to be scrambling for clients, trying to obtain consistent income, burning out and not getting ahead, then you can’t afford to miss out on "How To Stand Out In A Saturated Market" – The Masterclass. 


I KNOW HOW BUSY YOU ARE, so this masterclass is 0% fluff or filler. 


Get ready to have your mind blown with how much valuable information is packed into this.


It’s time to get started on standing out and booking out!



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