How To Overcome Self Doubt and Gain Confidence In Yourself & In Your Business

When you are new to business, starting a business can be super overwhelming and intimidating.

Having confidence in your business when you have no clue what you are doing in the beginning can cause self doubt and make you want to throw in the towel right away.

So I wanted to share with you Alicias story.

Meet Alicia! Fitness personal trainer and confidence coach who helps women learn how to achieve food freedom, at any size, so they can live guilt free.

In the fitness world of perfect bodies, and toned, tanned and skinny is the normal, she overcame her self doubt, gained confidence and began to love her body and herself and now shows others you can love yourself, and be confident at any size.

Her technique and method is based on food balance, loving yourself and moderate exercise. Not depriving yourself and not feeling like you have to live in the mold of being a super skinny bitch, but rather a bad ass bitch no matter what size you are. That it's all about how you feel and that starts with looking within.

Alicia went from under charging for her in person clients, to charging $1600+ packages. She now has an online membership program to reach more women all around the world which encompasses meal plans, exercise routines and confidence building techniques.

Alicia also offers 1:1 private coaching for those wanting a more personalized and customized diet, fitness and personal development experience.


XO, Brianna Michelle

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