How To Pivot Your Business and Still Be Successful!

Updated: Feb 3

I used to love the idea of having a passive income course I could sell when I was not in wedding season servicing my brides.

Making money in my sleep..

Seeing the Pay Pal notifications when I woke up!

Having that money set aside just for my retirement plan.

That is what the game plan was when I started to a soft pivot back in 2017, and exploring what I wanted to create, teach and sell.

You can pivot your business and still be successful!

But you have to take the first step and start somewhere......

Self Made woman is the PROGRAM, I WISH I HAD when I started selling my online courses and programs years ago!!!!

Other coaches, just don't know our unique wedding industry and this program is designed specifically for the wedding and beauty pro!!!

...and I know you are like ......"how did you pivot to selling online courses and programs and scale so quickly?"


I VALUED FREEDOM, AND I KNEW THE ONLY WAY TO GET THERE WAS TO CREATE A MORE "WORK FROM ANYWHERE" AND PASSIVE INCOME APPROACH. So, what's holding you back from just getting on the waitlist? Knowing this will be an investment? You know that you're next launch you will make the investment back, right? I am here to help you get there!!! Fear of no results? The course is very digestible & has step by step implementation that if you put in the work, you will get the results.

Fear of not finishing or going through the course? Stop telling yourself that. I know you are committed & you will get things DONE.

So, if you're a service pro or coach wanting to sell your online courses and programs to create passive income or start a completely new career........... Self Made Woman .... is for you. Let me cut to the chase....

I get it! When I pivoted my bridal business, I was so afraid of failing and stepping into a totally new place, and being successful. I had built my bridal business and was and still is a well oiled machine.

But, I was always exhausted, felt like I had to work every weekend, even knowing I had a team, and there was just always the demands of well.....a bride most important day of her life!

Education just seemed the right and natural move for me and it can be for you too!

You will be successful when you make the commitment and decide to go all in.

I am so stress free.

I am taking a 10 day vacation in one of my busiest wedding months of the year, this year.

....and I finally found freedom and even better emotional freedom!

I fell in love with coaching and teaching, more than I ever thought I would, and it has turned into a full time career.

I still LOVE my bridal business and work my team, but ON MY OWN TERMS. I dont have to rely on it anymore for full time income.

So are you ready to rise?

Here's the thing. I know you are probably wondering "when is the right time to do ____?" "How do I know when to do ____?"

There's never a right time & you'll never be ready.

Listen to that pull. Listen to your gut & go for it!!!!

Self Made Woman is officially open!!! ⁣⁣


You can enroll here>>>>>>>

Catch the full episode of the podcast HERE and learn the step by step process I took to pivot and sell out my online courses and programs!

XO, Brianna Michelle


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