Thinking About Pivoting Your Wedding Business? Read This!

Updated: Jan 20

I honestly couldnt see myself lugging all my equipment from venue to venue in my 40's and definitely not...

in my 50's.

So 2 years ago, I started a soft pivot into something I felt passionate about.....

Teaching others how to build successful 6 figure businesses.

I had planned on working it slowly, then had to make a HARD PIVOT March 2020 when my bridal business was shut down.

I was not ready. (Guess what? You never are.)

I was not showing up consistently, and there were so many things holding me back from putting both feet in my coaching business and taking the next steps.

1.Do I have to be a good sales person?

Nope. You just need to be a helpful person. I show up in a way that always offers helpful tips and it never feels like selling.

2.Is it hard?

Listen, no good thing is ever easy. Remember when you started your wedding business? It's a learning curve for sure, but the fact can make a TON MORE MONEY (HELLO PASSIVE INCOME!) because you are able to serve more people than just brides.

3.What if no one buys it? I am not sure I am an expert?

Girlfriend, no one will buy it if you don't have your mindset right AND strategic plan for your course, but as long as you have a plan and a warm audience, people will buy. Having a strategic plan is "key."

These are the exact things I overcame to close the last 2 months with over $11K and $14K in sales with my online courses and digital products- no in person services.

I want to help you get there and show you my exact strategies!!!

Are you thinking about what it would be like to create passive income or an online course so you don't have to rely solely on "in person" services anymore?

Work smarter not harder.


Do you currently offer an online course? If so, what do you teach or maybe want to teach? Comment below.

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