The 1 Email Brings Me In Over $100K+ Of Revenue

Updated: Mar 10

Yep! One very specific and strategized email has brought my bridal business over $100K plus in revenue year after year!

Brianna, I’m about to give you SO much value on what to put in your "response email to your brides inquiry" that CONVERTS!

Using these tips will get you booked out and consistent income!

Here are 3 things you need in your email in response to your brides inquiry on price:

1. Tell your bride "HOW" you are going to __________. Examples: How you are going to guarantee she will love her look on wedding day. How you will give her photos she is obsessed with. How you are going to make sure everything runs smoothly.

2. Stand apart from your competitors. Attached brochures are not necessarily the answer nor will stand apart from all the other vendors that do the same. thing.

3. Have added value in your rates or provide packages.

As a 17 year veteran in the wedding industry, I know a thing or two what brides need to HEAR in order to get this to feel confident in saying "Yes, send me the contract!"

My clients have gone from $1200 months to $10K months just by switching up their language, terminology and when they started "serving" their bride in a well crafted email.

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XO, Brianna Michelle

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