How To Price Your Rates for Wedding Professionals

Updated: Feb 25

A full makeup kit- check!

Makeup artistry education- check!

Clients- check!

......I only wished it was this simple. I had NO CLUE, when I started my bridal beauty business how to START AND HAVE A BUSINESS!

While working my 9-5, which wasn't even a 9-5. It was retail job hours standing long nights behind the makeup counter. I would work my little bridal business, to try and make connections in my free time. Networking, doing styled shoots, and just trying to get clients!

About 6 years in..... going back and forth with one foot in and one foot out, still getting nowhere. On a good month, I would maybe make $1000.

I realized there HAD TO BE ANOTHER WAY!

In 2013, I finally pulled the trigger....and......actually put both feet in and started to look at my business, like a business.

I invested in the Knot and Wedding Wire, hired "some guy" from India to build me a website, and we were on our way......

STILL....I wish it had been that simple. I STILL STRUGGLED.... wasnt until......

Catch the full story on the latest PODCAST EPISODE HERE!

XO, Brianna Michelle

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