Ways To Have Multiple Streams of Income with Special Guest Kayleigh Keen with By Kayleigh Designs

We have a special guest this week, Kayleigh Keen with By Kayleigh Designs, joining us.

Starting out in law school Kayleigh took the leap to switch career paths and pursue her passion

for becoming a full time makeup artist.

Kayleigh wasn't able to make this switch overnight. She had to do a lot of mindset shifts to be able to take the leap.

Once you can release what isn't serving you anymore, you can get clarity on what will serve you.

Like many makeup artists and creatives, COVID gave Kayleigh extra time to think about other ways to make income.

Kayleigh wanted a community where she could share her tips and tricks and support other like minded people. Hence how By Kayleigh Designs was started.

If you can hone in on your skills and knowledge, you can sell them.

Listen to this weeks episode to find out how you can use your skills to create multiple streams of income.

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Brianna Michelle

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