What To Do When You Feel Stuck in Your Biz with Jade Ladson!

One of Atlanta's TOP Wedding Planners, Jade Ladson with J Ladson Weddings, is joining us to share her amazing journey from leaving the corporate world to pursuing her career as a wedding planner.

Having one of those 'what am I doing?' moments, Jade quit her job in the corporate world to pursue being a wedding planner, and moved her family back to Atlanta.

At first, she was treating her business like a hobby, but quickly realized if she wanted to succeed, she needed to start setting boundaries with her clients.

As Jade's business began to grow, she new she needed to invest more into it to take it to the next level.

In this weeks podcast episode, we will dive into:

  • How she went from $150 a month to $16,000 of booked weddings after implementing the 6 Figure Bridal Blueprint to Booking Out.

  • Tips and tricks Jade took to grow her business including setting her pricing structure to make her clients feel like they could afford to book her.

  • How she got over her fear of showing up on Instagram.


XO, Brianna Michelle

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