You are a super talented artist!

You are amazing at what you do!!!

Your clients L O V E you! 

But you’re, also, constantly finding yourself with "just getting by money."

 You find yourself hustling from bride to bride with nothing financially to show for it. You feel you have more money going out than coming in.

...and you are not even really sure if you are running a profitable business! 

(If this is you, keep reading😘)


Yes, I want in!!

You find yourself dreaming...


Of the day you have money in the bank, doing something you love and not having to constantly check your bank account.


➡️Where you no longer waiver on pricing and feel good about what you charge and why.

➡️Where you know EXACTLY how much you're making per bride and how much you pay out to your team- with no hesitation.

➡️Where you know what you charge for travel fees and why.

➡️Where you feel you don't have to discount your rates just to get a booking.

➡️Where you ALWAYS get a 20% tip.

➡️Where you feel confident asking for 50% deposit and get no push back whatsoever!

You would love nothing more than to feel confident in your rates, secure you're priced to profit, so you can feel more secure in your business.


Pricing for Profit!🥂


For mobile bridal hair and makeup artists that want to get their pricing and numbers right so they can...

  • Get paid your worth.
  • Feel confident in your business.
  • Create consistent income.
  • Become a money magnet.
  • Build a profitable business & pay yourself.


This self study course will cover:

  • Pricing your services to profit, so you can have a $200K bridal business.
  • Pricing trials
  • Deposits & retainers
  • What to paying out your team so you can pay yourself &  expenses.
  • Travel fees
  • Gratuity
  • Extra artist fee

...and more!

Yes, I want in!!

What do I get inside?👇🏻


Bonus: Module 1: Getting Money to Love You
Bonus: How To Manifest Money
(Exact 5 step process)

Module 2: My exact pricing strategy that brings in a $200K business.

(How many weddings do you need to do per year, what to be priced at, what minimums do you need to make in order to have a profitable business)

Module 3: Getting behind pricing your services

(Rates, Trials and Retainers, Gratuity, Travel Fees and More!)

How to get brides to pay your rates & next steps.

Yes, I want in!!

One time payment


($597 Value)

  • 3 Modules and 6  trainings
  • Supporting worksheets,  Scripts
  • Budgeting calculator (So you know exactly how much your making)
  • Lifetime access
  • BONUS: The Money modules. My exact money mindset modules that have scaled me to $50K months.
  • BONUS: How To Get Money To Love You Workbook
Yes, I want in!!


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