Feeling the ocean breeze in your hair, smell of the sea,  warm sand beneath your toes all while sipping on pina coladas watching your deposits roll in!

Welcome to your new life!💫

Where trips become the norm and money flow at its abundance.

If you are here, you have been hand selected by private invitation to come into an elite embodiment experience that will be like no other.

Earning more and working less is your new calling.

Being able to spend more time with your family because your work life balance is the way you have designed your life.

Oh, and lets not forget those fun little luxuries you can finally splurge on becasue you now have clients on demand.

Are you ready to rise up to your next level?

Are $10K months your new monthly minimum?

Are $20K months your new calling?

Is passive income your next breakthrough?

Is being able to confidently walk in your own skin knowingly.

Where exhaustion is no more.

Where knowing you're worth, and capabilities ignite your passion even more!

The Ready to Rise retreat is an exclusive experience for those who are "ready to rise!"


Join Us! Dates Coming Soon!

Napa Valley, CA

Bimini,  Bahamas



The Ready to Rise Workshop Experience


Day 1

Full release! Experience a guided mediation of a full release. Releasing old thoughts, patterns, and beliefs that are holding back from stepping into your next level. Live "in person" exercises and worksheets to help you recognize old patterns that are energy leaks that are weighing you down.

Day 2

Writing a new story. Its time to write a new story.  Journing and claiming how you want your 2022 to look like. Who you want to be! Goal setting, action taking and designing your dream life into a reality.

Day 3

A new you! Live "in person" meditation to "become her!" You are now a new woman. You have released, claimed and now you get to experience her with an ocean front photoshoot emboding who you wanted to "become!" Special guest expert, Alicia Knutson, Body Confidence Coach.

Whats Included...


  • 4 Star All Inclusive Hotel for 4 nights.
  • All Meals including alcoholic beverages
  • 3 Day Ready to Rise workshop
  • Photoshoot
  • Sunset Sail
  • Life changing experience, sisterhood connections and amazing memories.


*We are keeping this exclusive and intimate to 6 people only.