Rich Babe Academy is a 6 month accelerator program that helps you take your expertise and big idea, turn it into a "sold out" online course, to create more time & freedom in your life!

Who is this for?


Rich Babe Academy is for you if you are wanting to expand your brand, sell out your online course or coaching program, and you need a simple method and blueprint to help you get there with juggling your other businesses, life & passions. 

It’s for you if you’ve ever...

1. Wanted to create an online course, but you’ve been stuck not knowing how to go about it or where to even start.

2.Already have an online course or program but can't seem to hit consistent five figure months.

Rich Babe Academy shows you how to gain clarity on your idea, build your online "sellable" course without having to spend thousands of dollars on multiple different types of coaches to get everything you need to be successful.

It encompasses the 3 major parts of success: Marketing, Mindset and Manifestation, so you can build a system that helps people all while creating the balanced and aligned life of your dreams.

Perfect for multi-passionate entrepreneurs that want to build their brand with multiple streams of revenue, all while spending time with family, traveling, and doing things that matter most.


I started in 2018. My back ached and I was exhausted. I started looking into creating an online course when my bridal business was so booked and so busy. I knew that physically I couldn't sustain lugging my chair, kit, light and all the things from bride to bride into my 40's and needed to think about pivoting if I wanted to build wealth, retirement and sustainability. 
I got stuck for a year and a half. I had ALL THESE IDEAS... but was so unsure how to gain clarity around them so I could execute. It wasn't until 2019 and 3 coaches later, I had gained clarity on an idea that held value, and the rest was history. It doesn't have to be that way for you. (This is why I created Rich Babe Academy!)
I pivoted full time from bridal beauty to online business coaching in 2020 and in 2021 had my first $50K month. After just 2 years, Brianna Michelle Coaching is projected to be a half a million dollar brand. 
$50K months are the new norm! I travel and I am the wealthiest and happiest I have ever been.
I now have time in my life for life unexpectancies without stressing out and feeling overwhelmed. 
Getting support is the new glow up! 


Now, it is your turn! 


Let me ask you this....have you been struggling with...


🥂Your clients, exhausting you. Your back aching from servicing all weekend.

🥂Wanting to look for other ways to make money with your knowledge and expertise, but unsure how to go about it without having to exchange time for money.

🥂Wanting to financially plan for your future, but unsure how.

🥂Getting tired of having to work every weekend. 

🥂Having an idea for an online course, program or e book but not sure where to even start.

🥂Gaining clarity and learning how to step into the online course and coaching  space to expand your brand.


Imagine your life looking like this...


  • You work 15 hours a week.
  • You feel financial security knowing you have recurring revenue coming in each month w/o having to exchange time for money.
  • You feel balanced and aligned juggling all your passions and making money while you're at it.
  • Freedom of choice. Not feeling like you are a slave to just servicing. You get to decide how much money you want to make each month either servicing or selling your online courses or programs.
  • Planning travel around your time, not by your servicing schedule.
  • Your following grows by 100 each month of ideal clients wanting your services and programs.
  • Have time managing life, family, and all the things in between because you are working less.


ULTIMATE obtained when you are given a blueprint that allows you to print money. You have the ability to choose how you want to spend your time. 

Introducing Rich Babe Academy!


$75K invested and 7 different coaches later....I saw a gap in the market. 


What I learned in creating online courses & programs is that it does not take just strategy. I doesn't take just mindset to make money rain online. My $70K investments are the source that I get to use today to give you a streamlined proven blueprint to step into this online space and actually succeed!!!

➡️ This is not a 3 month fast accelerator, waitlist strategy, get rich quick, and cookie cutter launching that exhaust you to where you end up hating the industry and you would rather go back to your 9 to 5 b/c all you did was create a second job for yourself.

That is NOT what Rich Babe Academy is about.

Rich Babe Academy is about, yes, making money, but more importantly, becoming the best version of you. Learning to love yourself along the way. Gaining peace, abundance, prosperity and time. This is what allowed me to find clarity in designing a beautiful business, rich life all while making money along the way helping others.

Are you ready to become a Rich Babe? Rich in mind, abundance and rich in your pocket book?


Jade Ladson Weddings


"Working with Brianna literally changed my life and saved my business because I was ready to throw the towel in. The modules were fun, easy, and informative {They make you WORK but it’s all worth it in the end} It was also very easy to implement all of this into my business and the fact that we have lifelong access makes it easy to reference when I have quick questions. Brianna definitely OVER delivers on EVERYTHING she promises."



"Brianna was instrumental in helping us identify our individual issues that were holding us back and also gave us the necessary tools to resolve them. Now I am not only able to show up consistently on both my IG feed and stories BUT I actually enjoy doing so. She really helped me step into my CEO versus just seeing myself as a makeup artist. I am actually booking weddings now and starting my own passive income course. I couldn't have done it without her."


Pearl Girl Makeup


"I knew I needed to do a big mind shift if I wanted to grow and expand the business I wanted to, I needed to do something about myself. I had to truly belief that taking Brianna's courses were not an expense, they were an investment. I knew that if I wanted to expand my business this had to happen and I needed to take a leap of faith. I am so grateful that I did and I wouldn't be where I am today without her."


 It is not about money, well it is, but it is about creating your own financial certainty in a world that seems uncertain all while claiming your birthright to be the wealthiest and happiest version of you.



So, Brianna, what does Rich Babe Academy look like inside and what will I learn?


  • How to remove mindset blocks and get clear on your idea for your online course or coaching program.
  • Learn how to build your relationship with money so you can make more of it.
  • Learn how to make sure you idea is valuable and sellable.
  • Learn how to formulate an outline for your course so you ideal clients obtain a transformation.
  • Learn how to master email marketing with what to say that will sell and captivate.
  • Learn what to say and post on social that gets clients to buy.
  • Learn my "basic launch plan blueprint" for launching and selling your online course through Instagram so you can scale to 6 figures.




 What is the value inside?


The goal is during our 6 months together will gain clarity on your idea for expanding your brand, create your online course, ebook or coaching program and launch it all while getting support from someone who has scaled to $50K months in less than 2 years. But, also, learn how to love yourself and gain more time, peace, and abundance in your life along the way!



12 Modules Program with Supporting Worksheets

($14,058 value)

Private Facebook Group Access

($997 value)

30 Days To Get Money To Love Your Workbook (Bonus)

($997 value)

Money Manifestation Workbook (Bonus)

($1997 value)

6 Months of group Support Calls For Q and A 

($19,000 value)

 Total value: $38,160


Cost of the program: $2450 with pay in full and payment plan options.

PAY IN FULL BONUS: Get an additional group call with Brianna!

Pay In Full


Most Popular

  • 12 Module Program with Supporting Worksheets
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • 6 Months of bi weekly group Support Calls For Q and A (Bonus)
  • ]30 Days To Get Money To Love Your Workbook (Bonus)
  • Money Manifestation Workbook (Bonus)
  • Lifetime access to the modules & worksheets

Payment Plan

$797 down

4 Monthly Payments of $413

  • 12 Module Program with Supporting Worksheets
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • 6 Months of bi weekly group Support Calls For Q and A (Bonus)
  • ]30 Days To Get Money To Love Your Workbook (Bonus)
  • Money Manifestation Workbook (Bonus)
  • Lifetime access to the modules & worksheets

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

 If you join and within 3 days get inside and realize this program is not for you, just shoot us an email and we will refund your money no questions asked.

Who Is Brianna Michelle, The Millionaire Babe?


Brianna Michelle is a world renowned, 20 year leader, award winner in the bridal and beauty industry and business and marketing coach. She is a podcaster, speaker, visionaire who specializes in online marketing, mindset and manifestation.

She is known for quantum leaping multiple times in all her multi-passionate endeavors. She is known for turning her struggles into a half a million dollar success story, and leading others to quantum leap their own businesses, but her journey here wasn't easy.

Brianna struggled getting her bridal business off the ground and at 36 found herself at rock bottom living in her girlfriends basement, because she couldn't afford rent. Barely bringing in $30K a year in her bridal business, she had to start doing business differently.

Having been taught to network and rely on referral business in the bridal and beauty industry, wasn't paying her bills, so she looking into the online world and discovered, manifestation and success coach, Bob Proctor, at an online marketing conference and her life was changed.

Within 1 year she went from $30K to $100K by incorporating mindset and an "online marketing strategy" to her business.

The rest has been history, as Brianna has expanded her brand to marketing courses and programs to help bridal and beauty pros scale as high as $20-$30K months within 6 months of implementing her blueprints.

Scaling her coaching business to a half a million dollar brand, in 2 years time, Brianna is now teaching the bridal beauty industry, as well as, online course creators, and coaches her passive income and online course blueprint to create the wealthiest and happiest version of themselves!