The industry is a BILLION dollar industry and your clients are right now on Instagram searching for your services...


...posting on Instagram is your #1 money making activity!


But, only when you know *how*!




If you are ready to learn how to post and instantly have dream clients in your inbox & DM's saying "I am ready to book!"...keep reading...



It's not that you aren't posting enough, but your posting content that doesn't activate your dream client to book! 



I get it!  I used to feel the same way. I was posting and got people liking my stuff, but days would go by when no dream clients would be sending me an inquiry,  let alone wanting to  book me.


It felt frusterating when I could see other people making 5 figure months consistently and they were effortlessly booking the dream clients. It wasn't that they were posting more than me, or at different times than me.


But,  I wasn't posting the right kinds of content that would "activate" my client to want to book me!


Once I learned what actually "activated" my client to get her to book me, I was able to 3x's my income- quickly!


This is exactly why I created the Brave Money Moves Method - to show you just how easy it gets to be.


How you can go from posting to paid using IG... resulting in

"I am ready to book!"... on the daily.

This is for you if...


  • You want to make consistent $10-$20K months the new norm, and *know* every time you post gets you PAID!
  • You want to be attracting dream clients on the daily. You want posting on Instagram be the effortless part of your business and also, know it results in clients sending you inquiries & booking YOU!
  • You would love to feel confident, knowing every time you post, clients are ready to book and your email and DM's are blowing up!
  • You are ready to tap into the magnetism momentum of money because money loves when you are excited and when you are lit up and activated with what you are posting, knowing when you post you will be activating your clients to book you!
  • You’re ready to step into your 6 figure identity, let go of perfectionism, procrastination and limitations that might be holding you back and you want to learn the easy daily activities to tap into that and stay there!
Yes, I want in!

What if I told you that every time you posted ____ you would have potential clients sending you an inquiry or messaging you saying, "I want to book?"


Being able to scale to your first $10K month or even $20K month sipping mai tai's on the beach watching Pay Pal notifications rolling in?  


There is a secret sauce that gets clients to book quickly using Instagram - even when you are significantly priced higher than your competition, and even when you have a small following.



That, also, allows you to tap into the magnetism & momentum of money regardless of what's going on in your life & in your business, so you can be a money magnet and be able to call in cash every single day!


Through my Brave Money Moves Method, I will show you the exact money making activities (both the strategic & energetic ones) that the $20K a month earners are doing on Instagram, to scale you to $10K months and beyond.


Learn how to be activated to post and activate your dream brides to book you effortlessly and be a money magnet daily!


Yes, I want in!


Here is the proof of what our collective is manifesting, in just 10 days, inside

Brave Money Moves!


Here is how it works!

This unique "immersive" one of a kind money making experience is held inside a private Facebook group!

Each day there will be a micro training along with a powerful piece of homework, that will shift you into an activated state and begin to attract dream clients ready to book you on repeat!


This program is like a money momentum can not, not make money in this program.


This live $10K in 10 Days experience will start April 17th.



If you want to learn what the consistent $10K and $20K month earners are doing on their Instagram to call in cash- fast...


Get inside Brave Money Moves:

The $10K in 10 Days Experience 


(Reg. $555 )

Presale Price $111

1 payment

  • Learn the kinds of content to post to make consistent $10-$20K months the new norm, and *know* every time you post gets you PAID!
  • Learn how to be attracting dream clients  to your IG page on the daily that has inquiries flooding your inbox & DM'S!
  • What admin and money-making activities you need to be doing each day to call in the cash during the booking season. (Reminder: there is no slow season)

  • Learn the different "money making activities" you can bring money into your business and become a money magnet. 
  • Money motivator techniques that will help you call in clients & cash when you need it.
  • Create modalities, prompts & audio affirmations to immediately feel activated to post so you can get paid by activating your clients to book you and ignite your money magnet energy!


Brave Money Moves $10K Experience is a live program held in the private facebook group. You will get the link to join upon purchasing from an email. This is NOT held in your portal.

The live round starts April 17-26th! Access to the replays until July 1st, 2024.



"If we want to change our income, we must be willing to clear out the deeply rooted limitations and replace them with money magnet energy!" 

Former 6 figure bridal hair & makeup artist business owner turned million dollar brand.


As a multi-passionate creative and a dreamer, I was never meant to just earn money one way.

So, in 2018, after getting married and I stated looking at my future and how I was going to retire. It didn't look like lugging my makeup kit from hotel to hotel every weekend.

After being in the bridal industry for almost 20 years, while I loved what I did, I was tired of my body aching and my back breaking.

In 2018, I started looking into online education and passive income as a means to expand my beauty business and create more freedom for myself.

In 2019, I created my first course, Posting for Profit. I spent endless hours doing & learning everything about selling courses online—I was passionate about helping bridal pros create 6 figure businesses, and determined to make it work. And yet…

It flopped.

Barely making $2k/month despite all my hard work. I was sick of cookie cutter strategies, having cold conversations in the DM's and coaches telling me I needed to have sales calls after sales calls.

Despite my disappointments, I kept learning, I didn't give up.

6 months later, I had my first $5K month as online coach and 1 year later hit my first $10K, but business felt hard.

At that point, I had invested in over $30K into coaches with no real return.

I continued to look to find the missing piece to the puzzle. I knew there had to be an easier way... the way everyone else online was talking about their "sold out launches with ease."

I started studying manifestation, money mindset, —I hadn't tapped into that yet. Anything and everything I could in order to do the inner work and outer work to match the reality I desired.

8 coaches later and $75K of investments, I discovered, "I was the secret sauce to having a wildly successful online coaching business." That being in alignment with what felt good to me, trusting myself and stepping into my authenticity was the key to having a wildly successful online business, earning more with ease and obtaining freedom.

I adapted a CEO mindset, stepped into leading myself, worked on overcoming limiting beliefs that helped me step into my personal power and have an unshakable confidence.

Fast forward to today, and my life is absolutely unrecognizable (in the best way!).

My business is a well-oiled machine and global brand bringing in $30K, $50k and $90K months without question every month thanks to multiple revenue streams and passive income strategies.

I moved mountains to get to where I am today.

So can you.


Yes, I want in!