For the woman who is ready to finally let go of all the self limitations holding her back, overwhelm & self doubt in her business, & kick her money worries to the curb and become a money magnet.


"If we want to change our income, we must be willing to let go of the things that are holding us back!"

Tell me if this sounds like you?


  • Income dips that are freaking you out.
  • Lack of motivation or ups and downs of feeling unmotivated in your business.
  • Questioning everything in your business.
  • Think your market is saturated and thats why no one's booking.
  • Not sure what you are doing wrong in your business to not see bookings where you want them.
  • Know you need to invest, but talk yourself out of investing.
  • You’re tired of your limiting beliefs, excuses, money drama & lack of accountability getting in your way of having the lifestyle and business of your dreams.
Yes, I want in!

These things should not be ignored.


We have these deeply rooted things holding us back from showing up authentically & self-expressing in our business.

Comparing ourselves to others causes you uncertainty in your business and not knowing what to post.

Making excuses why you don't post by saying "the market is saturated and that's why no one's booking."

Ignoring the work needed to do on YOURSELF, and saying, "not sure what I am doing wrong in my business and no one's booking."

Know you need to invest, but talk yourself out of investing.    

This is causing you the income dips that are freaking you out & lack of motivation overwhelm, self doubt and frusteration in your biz.

Brave Money Moves will help you change that!

Yes, I want in!


Here is the proof of what our collective is manifesting inside Brave Money Moves!


Here is how it works!

This unique "immersive" on of a kind manifestation experience!

9 trainings, one each day where Ill be teaching a lesson along with homework and journal prompts you will do to shift your energy into becoming a money magnet.

This is a collective experience to help let go of limitations, shift your energy into being open to receive more money into your life. 

You will have access to all the 9 trainings, journal prompts and homework.

If you want a freedom based business, it starts with freeing yourself from your own self limitations: Comparing yourself to others, perfectionism, feeling stuck and unmotivated, lack of self confidence, self doubt, and fear around investing in yourself.


Brave Money Moves.


One-time Payment


1 payment

  • Finally, let go of your money struggles, perfectionism, self doubts, comparing yourself to others, and step into your next level of the energetics of money to feel confident AF in your business and in yourself!
  • Learn the different "money making activities" you can bring money into your business and become a money magnet. 
  • Money motivator techniques that have allowed me to call in cash when I need it.
  • Create modalities and prompts that will help alleviate money worries to use whenever you need them. 
  • Audio affirmations to immediately feel pumped and motivated in your life.


"If we want to change our income, we must be willing to change how we spend our time." 

Who is Brianna? Former 6 figure bridal hair & makeup artist turned multi 6-figure business & marketing mentor


As a multi-passionate creative and a dreamer, I was never meant to just earn money one way.

So, in 2018, after getting married and I stated looking at my future and how I was going to retire. It didn't look lugging my makeup kit from hotel to hotel every weekend.

After being in the bridal industry for almost 20 years, while I loved what I did, I was tired of my body aching and my back breaking.

In 2018, I started looking into online education and passive income as a means to expand my beauty business and create more freedom for myself.

In 2019, I created my first course, Posting for Profit. I spent endless hours doing & learning everything about selling courses online—I was passionate about helping bridal pros create 6 figure businesses, and determined to make it work. And yet…

It flopped.

Barely making $2k/month despite all my hard work. I was sick of cookie cutter strategies, having cold conversations in the DM's and coaches telling me I needed to have sales calls after sales calls.

Despite my disappointments, I kept learning, I didn't give up.

6 months later, I had my first $5K month as online coach and 1 year later hit my first $10K, but business felt hard.

At that point, I had invested in over $30K into coaches with no real return.

I continued to look to find the missing piece to the puzzle. I knew there had to be an easier way... the way everyone else online was talking about their "sold out launches with ease."

I started studying manifestation, money mindset, —I hadn't tapped into that yet. Anything and everything I could in order to do the inner work and outer work to match the reality I desired.

8 coaches later and $75K of investments, I discovered, "I was the secret sauce to having a wildly successful online coaching business." That being in alignment with what felt good to me, trusting myself and stepping into my authenticity was the key to having a wildly successful online business, earning more with ease and obtaining freedom.

I adapted a CEO mindset, stepped into leading myself, worked on overcoming limiting beliefs that helped me step into my personal power and have an unshakable confidence.

Fast forward to today, and my life is absolutely unrecognizable (in the best way!).

My business is a well-oiled machine and global brand bringing in $30-$50k without question every month thanks to multiple revenue streams and passive income strategies.

I moved mountains to get to where I am today.

So can you.

Yes, I want in!