Build your loyal and "raving review" bridal team so you can have consistent $20K months and beyond  for more freedom in your life and business.



The Bridal Team Blueprint 

Your step-by-step blueprint for building a loyal bridal team and scaling your business to new heights…all while feeling aligned, with a healthy work, life balance.

So that you can finally achieve the income, freedom, and boss status you’ve been dreaming of.

I’m Ready To Be A CEO!

Hey beautiful! 

I see you over there, working your butt off trying to run your bridal business.

You’ve built quite the reputation for yourself. Your brides LOVE you, you’re busy, you’re BOOKED, and you’re loving it. 

Yet, despite all of your efforts, you’re not making anywhere CLOSE to the amount of money you dream of making. 

Month after month, no matter how hard you work, you just aren’t bringing enough money in. And you want to make WAY more money but you physically can’t work any more than you already are. 

I mean, you can only be in one place at a time, right?? 

Babe, it’s time to hire a team!

I know that you’ve thought about it before but you shut the idea down pretty quickly when you realized you had no idea how to build a team. You wouldn’t even know where to start.

Don't worry, babe, Ive got you and I am here to help!



  • You have absolutely no idea where to start when it comes to hiring a team. How to pay them? What to pay them? Where to find them?
  • You really, really don’t want to have to micromanage people, and it just feels safer to just sometimes only rely on yourself.
  • You suffer from inconsistent income every month and don’t know how you would pay a team member (or two, or three..) on those lower income months because YOU barely take enough home to pay yourself.
  • You don’t know if you’d even be any good at managing a team. You doubt yourself even though you know it’s the next step.
  • You get nervous when you think about everything that must go into managing a team. Is it going to be way more work without enough payoff? 
  • You hate the idea of letting go of control, and you have a hard time doing it in other areas of your life, too, but it’s even worse when it comes to your business. This is YOUR reputation and YOUR baby, after all.

If you were nodding along to that, I want you to know that you’re NOT alone.

In fact, I used to be in your exact position with the same beliefs.

After scaling my bridal business to over 6-figures in just one year, and helping dozens of other bridal business owners do the same, there’s one thing I can confidently tell you: 

Hiring and managing a team, scaling your business, and becoming a CEO is easy and fun when you follow a proven process. 

Yep, I said FUN!

I’m Ready To Be A CEO!



  • Having full confidence in yourself as CEO and your abilities to lead a team so that you finally take your business to the next level you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Having a team full of rockstars that provide exceptional service so that you get reviews and referrals from your brides on autopilot. (hello, business growth!!)
  • Working with women you adore, and who love and are loyal to you, so that you never have to worry about them jumping ship or stealing your clientele.
  • Having a bulletproof system for hiring, booking, and paying your team that is SO organized and easy to navigate so that you never get confused or overwhelmed with any of the logistics that come with having a team.
  • Knowing all of your numbers and exactly how many jobs you need to book in order to hit (and surpass) your $$ goals, all along the way providing incentives to your team so that THEY TOO are invested in your business growth and hitting your $$ goals.
  • Waking up on a Saturday morning in June and having a coffee in bed with your partner instead of rushing from bride to bride to bride, sipping away totally relaxed because your rockstar team is out handling your business for you.
  • Looking in your bank account and seeing multiple zeroes tacked onto the end of your balance all while knowing that more money is coming in AND you’ve already paid your girls. You have money to put a downpayment on a house, buy a new car, pay down debt, get health insurance, or blow it on a trip — you do you, boo! You’re the boss!!

Babe, this 👆🏻 CAN be your reality!

You deserve to have a bridal team that takes care of your business so that you can focus your attention on other things — like spending time with your family, pursuing other creative passions of yours, and just relaxing or having fun.

You DESERVE for all of your hard work to finally pay off. 

You deserve to make a lot of money in your business. 

And I’m going to show you how to make that a reality — because I have the step-by-step blueprint to get you there.



Your step-by-step blueprint for building a loyal bridal team and scaling your business to $20K months and beyond.

So that you can finally achieve the income and freedom you’ve been dreaming of without the fear, uncertainty, or overwhelm that usually comes along with building a team.


Hey gorgeous, I’m Brianna! 

When I started out in the bridal industry, I was working my butt off building my business on the side of my full-time job. I was doing makeup, I had a team member doing hair, and my business was bringing in around $30K per year. 

One day, I was tired with the 9-5 corporate world.  I decided to take the leap and go all in — I quit my 9-5 and went into business for myself full-time.

I hired 2 other team members, and within 6 months the business had scaled to $50K, right on track for a 6-figure year.

Within 1 year, I had 5 team members and officially hit the $100,000 mark!

My team was absolutely killing it and the reviews and referrals we were getting were unreal! Business started BOOMING, so I grew the team to 9, and at that point, I was bringing in well over $150K/year.

In between the hiring, the growing, and the money flowing into my bank account… there were a lot of struggles and BIG lessons learned. There was no blueprint for how to do this back when I decided to build my team, so I had to figure it all out on my own. 

Lucky for you, I made the mistakes and went through all of the pains so that you don’t have to! 

I understand firsthand that hiring and managing a team can feel incredibly stressful and overwhelming, but I promise you that it doesn’t have to be. 

Follow my blueprint and you’ll go from a one-woman show to a CEO with such ease, you’ll honestly wonder why you waited so long to do it!

Here’s what other bridal biz CEO’s have to say:

Meet Keziah with "The Key Look" with a Team of 15 Had A $30K month 10/2021


Testimonials like those are exactly why I created Bridal Team Blueprint!

So that you can build your dream team properly with CONFIDENCE, truly step into your role as a CEO, stop hustling so damn hard…

And make a lot of money while you’re at it.

It’s time for all your hard work to pay off, babe. 

It’s time to become a CEO.


I’m READY To Become A CEO!!

Here’s what you get inside of Bridal Team Blueprint:

Bridal Team Blueprint is your step-by-step blueprint for building a bridal team from start to finish and learning how to scale to $20K months with your loyal team.

They're 2 parts to this, the team building series and the scaling series.

Let's face it, you cant have a team without the volume and you cant have the volume to sit back and relax without the team.





🥂Define Your Goal For Your $100,000+ Business

We kick things off by doing a little dreaming and setting some goals. Then we’ll take a look at how much you actually need to be bringing in so that you have enough money to fund your dream life after you pay expenses, taxes, your team, etc.

You’ll use my pricing and numbers spreadsheet to make all the calculations, and you’ll really have fun with it! What do the numbers look like with 3 team members? 8 team members? How many team members do you need to have on board in order to bring in $250,000? How much of that $250,000 will YOU get to keep? 

If you don’t have a handle on your numbers quite yet, this will get you seriously excited.

This module will set the foundations for your 6-figure business and help you start to look at things differently… like a CEO.




🥂Define Your Brand Values To Hire Brand-Appropriate Team Members

If you want to build a team that’s loyal to you AND continue to get raving reviews from your brides even when you’re not the one providing the service, then you need to find your ‘mini-me's’. The only way to do this is to ensure that you have super strong brand values. 

In module 2, I walk you through all the steps you need to take to come up with your brand values and brand motto so that you can attract the PERFECT women for your team. Hiring goes way, way deeper than just recruiting someone who is good at hair or makeup or coordinating. 

The work you do in this module is how you’ll build your loyal bride tribe. THIS is how you find your business besties. And it’s CRITICAL that you do this work so that you can rely on your team and know they have your back day in and day out. 




🥂Systems + Processes Pt. 1

This module is all about finding, hiring, and onboarding new team members. You’ll learn where to look for talent, how to find the right people, what to look for in a candidate, what to say in your “we’re hiring” post, and more. I give you every single trick that I’ve learned in order to find loyal diamonds in the rough.

THEN we dive into my proven 3-step hiring process that starts you off on the right foot with every potential candidate and ensures that they see you as a BOSS, not just another team member. If you don’t have this hiring system in place, you’re not going to establish your authority and your team will fall apart.




🥂Systems + Processes Pt. 2

So you’ve hired your dream team… now what!? In module 4, you’ll learn how to book, keep, and pay your team members. 

When it comes to booking, we look at the different ways you can book/schedule your team and pick the one that feels most aligned for you. Google calendar? CRM? Another software? YOU choose what works best! 

In order to keep your team members, you’ve gotta keep them happy. I show you different ways that you can roll out incentives to support your team. This allows you to step into your leadership in a fun, helpful, and supportive way. Think team events, cash bonuses, giving extra responsibilities/titles.. I’ll show you all of the different things you can do to build your team UP, and go over all of the logistics so all you have to do is implement! 

Payroll is actually way more simple than you’d think as long as you set it up correctly from the start. We’ll get you set up on the exact payroll software that I use and make sure that it’s calibrated for your location so that things are easy peasy come tax time.




The best part about running your own business and being a CEO is that you get to do so in YOUR way! Module 5 shows you how to step into leadership in a way that feels aligned, comfortable, and fun for you. 

You’ll also learn how to establish yourself as an authority figure within your team. I’ve put together the most common issues that arise within bridal teams and provide an exact script for how to deal with them in a way that allows you to retain your authority. 

Things like… 

“My team member is posting my work on her Instagram page. It’s her work but my client, how do I handle that?”

“My team member is giving out her personal Instagram handle at a wedding – what do I do?”

“What do I do if my team member wants to leave and go off on her own? How do I handle it?”

You’ll know exactly what to say and which steps to take to ensure that you stay in the role of CEO no matter what arises. 






🥂Your Personal Brand

It is 2022. How you do business now is totally different than just 2 years ago. When you are in a saturated market the best ammo is....building out your brand.


Your brand is so much more than fonts and colors. We dive into your top 5 key "value points" that allow you to differentiate yourself and stand apart from your competition. Based on buyers sales psychology, I show you how to take your personal brand and filter it thought your website and on social so your ideal clients are dying to work with you and sign the contract quickly.



🥂Website That Works

Based on buyers sales psychology, the purpose of your website is to get your ideal client to know, like and trust you to book you. There is a specific way you need to have your website structured, and specific language needed to build that trust factor. I not only show you what needs to go where and what you need to say on your website that coverts, I show you how to discover your key words for SEO so you can start ranking on page 1 of google.



🥂Advertising for Abundance

Learn the different forms of advertising that will help you scale to $20K months. Through google ad words, keyword tool, and learning how you can make The Knot and Wedding Wire work FOR YOU, these are just a few we cover inside to give you the volume to scale and have your team. 



🥂Client Communications 

Learn how to respond to your  inquiries and turn them into a 70% return rate. The epic sales email will help guide you there.



🥂Scaling on Social (*Posting for Profit full program)

You have the hiring process down to a tee, your testimonials are popping off because your team is crushing it, your systems are running like a well-oiled machine… now it’s time to grow, babe, GROW!

I show you the FASTEST way to build your business — using INSTAGRAM — so that you can really hit the ground running to scale. Then, we look at other avenues for marketing and you’ll choose the best ones for your business. 

This is the final piece in really growing your business so that you can keep your team working, happy, and paid well…

And, so YOU can make the money, honey.



✅Freelance Hiring Contract Template

Contracts ensure that everyone is starting on the same page and that you have all of your bases covered legally. This contract will save you so much time, effort, and money — getting one of these drafted by a lawyer will run you into the thousands and take multiple weeks. 

This contract will set the rules between you and your subcontractors… things like payment structure, exclusivity, what they can and can’t do with images of the work they do in your business, etc.

($997 Value)


✅Get my entire Posting for Profit Course for optimizing your IG account to attract more clients, get more inquiries. (reels module included)

($10,542 Value) 



10 Module Course: $15,786

Supporting templates and worksheets: $2499

Bonuses galore: $13,536



Its priced at $2222.


Pay in full or payment plan option. 


And because I know you’re already SO busy, there’s ZERO fluff or filler in here.

It’s everything that you need, and nothing that you don’t. Straight to the point so you can get building your team ASAP.


Get access to the exact blueprint that other bridal business owners have used to step into their role as CEO!




 🥂10 module course for everything you need to know to build a wildly successful bridal team and scale to $20K months and beyond!

🥂9 Supporting worksheets, and scripts to set you up for success and support your 6 figure biz!

🥂Lifetime access!


🥂 BONUS: My exact freelance contract agreement. ($997 Value)

🥂 BONUS: Entire Posting for Profit Instagram Course ($10,523 value)

I’m Ready To Build A Team & Become A CEO!!





 🥂10 module course for everything you need to know to build a wildly successful bridal team and scale to $20K months and beyond!

🥂9 Supporting worksheets, and scripts to set you up for success and support your 6 figure biz!

🥂Lifetime access!


🥂 BONUS: My exact freelance contract agreement. ($997 Value)

🥂 BONUS: Entire Posting for Profit Instagram Course ($10,523 value)

I’m Ready To Build A Team & Become A CEO!!



Babe, I will even make you a promise. Within 3 days, If you get inside the program, start the modules, and think this is not for you, I will refund your money no questions asked.

But to be clear: nothing will happen if you buy this and let it sit in your inbox. 

Success here requires ACTION on your part.

But I’m SO confident in the materials inside of this course that I have absolutely no problem making this promise to you… 

Because I know that if you put in the work, the success will come. 


Are you ready to take me up on that?? You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose!

Because I have done it and succeeded! I have had such a loyal team for the last 8 years. I have a top, award winning 5 star rated business, and I know what it takes to not only have a great team, but what it takes to step into leadership and obtain raving reviews from clients.

Sure, you can build a team on your own. You can choose anyone to come aboard and work for you, but are you setting yourself up for wealth and freedom, loyalty and sustainability?

Inside the Bridal Team Blueprint, I am going to show you how to set up a successful team that provides you a lifestyle of wealth, freedom and success.

Building a team is easy to support you to $20K months when you have the right blueprint from someone that has done it already! I am here to show you how!


...and I get to give it to you for a discount!


Yes, absolutely! Chances are that you choose your team members because they’re good at what they do and not because they actually fit with your brand — so if you’re struggling with certain team members, that’s why. Inside of Bridal Team Blueprint, you’ll learn exactly how to avoid this so that your team members are fiercely loyal to you and your company. And, if what you’re struggling with is the organization and management of your team, then the systems modules will have you sorted out in no time.

Definitely not! In fact, a lot of people truly do love doing services and choose to continue doing them part-time. The great thing is if and when the day comes that you are ready to quit services, you’ll be so used to the hiring and management process that making the switch to CEO-only will feel like a breeze.

You can post your questions inside the portal using the "submit your question" button. Or, you can come to the scheduled Q and A calls.


Yes! Most of the information is universal, except for payroll. In module 4, I provide information about payout structures worldwide.

Just to recap, here’s what you get inside of Bridal Team Blueprint:


When you say YES to Bridal Team Blueprint, 

you're saying yes to way more than just another online course.

When you say yes to Bridal Team Blueprint, what you’re really saying yes to is…

💖 Bringing in MORE INCOME while doing LESS WORK.

💖 FREEDOM, in every sense of the word!

💖 Becoming the boss babe with the actual business and team you’ve dreamt of for so long.

No more one-woman show. No more hustling from bride to bride to bride.

Babe, you deserve this after all the hard work you’ve put in.

Your dream business is waiting for you.

All you have to do is say YES!

Are you ready to go from a one-woman show to a CEO?


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