Hey, bridal pro babe!

Your 6-figure wedding business is waiting for you...

Stop sacrificing what you love most in life (family time, freedom & fun) for an inconsistent business that has yet to hit 

6 figures!

Harsh, I know—but I say it with love! 


Because here’s the thing, babe, I’ve been there.
And yes, there really IS another way…


If you’re anything like I was 10 years ago as a struggling bridal beauty professional, spending every exhausting weekend at a different location putting in tons of effort for what feels like soo little return, you’re probably…


  • Making great money some months, but others so low you find yourself having to constantly check your bank account, and find yourself scrambling for cash.
  • You get so excited when you have a great $1500 Saturday, but at the end of the month you realize it is still not enough for all the expenses you have.
  • Feel like you are constantly having to discount your services, or offer MORE services to make ends meet. Thus, scrambling for time to do all the services.  

You’re at a place in your business where no matter how hard you work wedding season after wedding season (because we both know you are not afraid of hard work (I love that about you!)), you’re still struggling to keep your head above water. 


You’re frustrated, overwhelmed, and getting dangerously close to burning out completely. 


And if you’re anything like me, you’ve been told time and time again, “that’s just the way it is in this industry. That’s just life.”


But the truth is…it’s really not.


We’ve been made to believe that if we want to pursue our passions as a bridal/beauty professional, we need to simply accept the struggle as a part of the job. That it’s that way for everyone in this industry, and we just have to deal with it. Forever!


But I’m proof that is anything but true.

I’ve been in your shoes, and I’m happy to report that regardless of where you are at this moment…you CAN build incredible wealth in your bridal business without incredible hustle.


You can have money for (much) more than just your bills each month AND still live in an abundance of peace, space & joy.
(You don’t have to choose!) 




Take a deep breath with me, and give yourself a second to dream a little dream. One where…


  • You have brides on demand and wake up to inquiries coming in hot every. single. Day.

  • As soon as you send out your pricing and get hit with an immediate, “I’m ready to book—send over the invoice! 🤩” (no ‘convincing’ necessary)

  • You know what to post (and when) to grow your online authority and consistently scale your business with ease.

  • You have more numbers in your bank account than you ever could’ve imagined (even at the end of the month, after you’ve paid your bills!)

  • You have the support of a loyal dream team that allows you to take the weekend to watch your kid’s soccer game rather than working in the trenches.

Yep, all of that can be yours, babe!

“But HOW, Brianna?!”

→ Here’s the secret—the one that has made me 7 figures in my own hair and makeup business. The success of your bridal/beauty biz comes down to just two things:

Hello boss babe! I see you working hard in your bridal business, find yourself burning out, inconsistent income, and still aren’t making anywhere close to $10K months. Let’s change that! 🥂

You are amazing at what you do!!! Your clients L O V E you. You’re running the show! 

But you’re also not obtaining consistent income. You find yourself hustling from bride to bride with nothing financially to show for it, in the midst of wedding season chaos.... you find yourself dreaming of the day your bridal business actually gets to be easy!


➡️Where you have brides on demand and inquiries coming in hot every day.

➡️Where you send out your pricing and get an immediate response back, "I'd love to book! Send me the contract!"

➡️Where you post on Instagram and know EXACTLY that your reel or post is actually going to get you 3 more inquires and more deposits!

➡️Where you attract the best dream brides that book and pay quickly without asking a million questions where you feel you have to convince them. 

➡️Where you have people dying to be a part of your exclusive team and cultivate the best loyal dream team that get raving reviews.


You would love nothing more than to have brides on demand, & consistent $10K months, with ease, but just need someone to show you "how!"

If this sounds like you so far, then babe, you’re in the right spot!

I’m so, so glad you’re here!! You’re going to want to keep reading.


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Let's play a little game. Tell me if this sounds familiar? You..


  • You wish you didnt have to feel like you are working your butt off for every. single. dollar. that comes in. 
  • You wish you knew if your website actually made you money. It’s fine, but you just kinda threw it up without any strategy or long-term vision in mind.
  • Know that a quick solution to making more money is to raise your rates, of course, but you don’t think that anyone would pay more for your services than they are now. (I mean, how could they? You struggle getting what you have.)
  • Have thought about or invested in ads on IG, or even The Knot and while it brought in some inquiries, it didn’t result in much (or any) business. You aren’t sure the ads are actually working.
  • Have this belief that you can’t actually make a lot of money just doing bridal, so you find yourself veering off into other things like adding more services to your plate, or opening a studio thinking that will help book more brides.
  • Dream of leaving your full time 9-5 job, and able to replace its income with your bridal business.
  • KNOW that this is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing, and even though it feels hard - you’re gonna stick with it. There’s no other option.


You dream of not burning out being able to do what you love where consistent $10K months are the new norm, and you are able to pay for more than just the bills!

Believe me when I tell you that I GET IT! I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

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So let me ask you this...."what do you REALLY want?"


🥂 You want a simple and effortless strategy that allows you to triple your inquiries and bookings with ease.

🥂 You want to build a sustainable business without having to post on Instagram every single day.

🥂You want to build a business that you are proud of. One that gives you both money and meaning.

🥂You want to feel confident in your business. That the money is always flowing in without having to worry or stress having to hustle from bride to bride and come December-March when money is dry.

 🥂 You want to be the most sought after having brides dying to work with you and pay quickly without questioning your rates!


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Now, before we go any further, I want you to know...

It is NOT your pricing, babe!

I want to educate you and break down WHY YOU ARE EXPERIENCING WHAT YOU ARE EXPERIENCING!👇🏻


All the "lack" you are experiencing in your business is just a reflection of "lack of value and authority" that hasn't been implemented into your business- YET!

Let me be clear: you are not doing anything wrong. I didnt know either when I was starting out.  It's just no one has showed you "how" to build a sustainable business....until now. 

You have to "show people what they are buying." You have to tell them "what kind of client experience they are getting." "why they need to hire you" and then sprinkle that  sh*t everywhere!✨

Your Booked Out Bridal Business is the hidden gem that focuses just on adding value and authority by what to say on social media, how to respond to inquiries, what to say on your website, that will have you...

...tripling your inquiries, and booking dream clients are dying to work with you and pay you quickly! Having consistent $10K months never felt so easy.


Okay, so I want you to imagine a different scenario, and tell me if it’s something that you could get on board with👇🏻


🥂 Imagine having consistent income. Hello, $10K months without the least bit of burnout. (Honestly, and even in months like January/February!!)


🥂 Imagine, instead, feeling excited about your business because instead of taking up all of your time, it brings you time FREEDOM and life you’ve been dreaming of. (I mean, isn't that why you became an entrepreneur in the first place?) 

🥂 Imagine having a marketing system so dialed in that it’s bringing in brides on autopilot, and a follow-up system that’s so on point that you book high-quality brides on demand.


🥂 Imagine having a bank account that matches surpasses your efforts, because your business is finally profitable and feels easy, sustainable, and FUN all at the same time.


🥂 Imagine being booked out months in advance with high-quality brides that didn’t even *blink* at your rates - deposits paid, contracts signed, all details ironed out flawlessly. (The DREAM, I know!)


🥂 Imagine having a perfectly trained and loyal team of people working for you, feeling completely CONFIDENT in the level of service they’re providing, and not having to personally work for every single dollar that comes into your business. 


🥂 Imagine having the confidence to dream crazy big (girl... even *bigger* than what just popped into your head) and truly know that you deserve everything that you want and more, no matter what anyone around you says or thinks.

But, really, just… 

Imagine being in LOVE with your business, easily bringing in 6-figures+ a year, and it just not feeling so damn inconsistent and hard all of the time. Being able to have both money and meaning in your business.


I know the thought of that is exciting, but getting there probably feels pretty overwhelming, right?

Babe - I GOTCHU! Every single step of the way. No overwhelm necessary.



Step 1: Getting Inquiries👇🏻


After we set up the proper foundations for your business, we will focus on getting more visible. Part of getting inquiries is not only being more visible, but, also, putting out the right content and branding on your social, website, etc to get brides to send you inquiries after they connect with you, fall in love with you and your work!

I provide you with the support in helping you create a personal brand, as well as, give the the exact content that converts for not just 5 inquires but 25.


Step 2: Converting Inquiries Into Booked & Paid Contracts👇🏻


Here is where the fun begins! Most think that in order to have consistent income, they need more inquiries and that is the reason they aren't booked consistently. Not true! 

The secret is in the "how" you are sending your response email, that shows your value. Here is where we will artistically craft the most perfect email to send out with your rates, so you get immediate, "Yes, send me the contract! I would love to book with you!" 

In addition, you will also hone in on nurturing your bride through social, continuing to build trust with your potential brides using my 30 day content calendar copy and paste for Instagram.

This ensures not only they are warmed up and ready to book, but pay quickly.


Step 3: Scale and Grow👇🏻

Now that you have set yourself up for brides on demand, and your clients are falling in love with your work, it's is time to scale and grow a team. 

I will show you my exact system for effortlessly building a loyal and raving review team, so you can start creating "mini you's" so you scale back and start creating freedom in your business. 

While you also claim back your time and energy, so you can focus on the other important things in your life… like spending time with your family, going on vacation, attending boozy brunches with the girls, or just generally doing you.


And, there is more...

 ....and it doesn't just stop there. You will have me supporting you and holding you accountable inside our group coaching call community!

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Hey, beautiful. I’m Brianna! 

I used to work my butt off running a mobile bridal hair and makeup business in Las Vegas.

My calendar was packed every single weekend and, at most, I’d clear $3,000 in a month. 

I was doing what I loved but the numbers in my bank account weren’t matching all of the effort I was putting in. I was burnt out, stressed, and my body was breaking down (that constant back ache, you know?) 

I hated having to network and relying on referral business was not paying the bills.

knew something had to change. 

So I went all in. I did everything I could to learn about marketing, money, mindset, team building, advertising - you name it, I did it. I created authority and perceived value through what I was doing with my marketing online.

And I was able to take my business from barely making $30K to clearing $100K in just one year!

I went from being burnt out, living in my girlfriends’ basement (for free), scraping by making $1200 - $3000 per month…

To EASY $10K+ months, and a team trained to perfection that took my business beyond 6-figures in just one year! I couldn’t believe it.

Yep, it was hard work, I won’t lie. But I was already putting in a ton of hard work on my business, and at least this hard work was paying off. I realllly didn’t mind once I started to see the rewards! 🥂

I’ve now used the same strategies to build two multiple 6-figure businesses. 

When I say these methods are proven, I mean it! They’re directly responsible for so many 6-figure businesses that I’ve lost count.

Now it’s your turn to reap the rewards of my hard work and get my proven blueprint for scaling your bridal business to consistent income, hello $10K months, without burning out season after season.

It’s the exact system that I used, and the system that dozens of other bridal business owners have used to scale their bridal businesses to 6-figures in under one year. 


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Let me introduce you to a few ladies that have come before you. Here’s what they had to say about Your Booked Out Bridal Business!

MEET MARIANNA! Marianna went from making $2K/month to consistent $10K months in just 3 months after joining YBOBB! She now consistently hits $20K months, and is projecting a $160K year in 2021. The best part? She only started implementing the strategies in Your Booked Out Bridal Business in December 2020. Press play to hear what she had to say:

Stories like these are exactly why I created Your Booked Out Bridal Business. To help women just like you go from inconsistent income to making 6-figures with ease.

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MEET AUTUMN! Autumn went from making $1200/month to consistent $10K - $19K months with in 1 year of being int he program and she just had her first $25K month last month, September 2021. Autumn started implementing the strategies in Your Booked Out Bridal Business in January of 2020. Press play to hear what she had to say:


Let’s take a look inside of Your Booked Out Bridal Business👇🏻

Your Booked Out Bridal Business is a program that gives you the step by step blueprint to go from inconsistent income to consistent $10K months and beyond. 


You get lifetime access to 27 self-paced business marketing and mindset modules that you can consume as you please.


4 months of bi weekly "pink carpet" Q and A calls, where we’ll meet on Zoom where you will get the help you need to keep taking action in a close-knit, supportive environment. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized feedback and coaching from me or one of the coaches on my team. You’ll also get to connect with the other bridal business owners that are scaling alongside you!



This is not like other free facebook groups lurking about with unprofessionals and side hustlers who undercharge. This is the facebook group of boss babes, CEO's who are serious about running a 6 figure business. We celebrate wins, overcome challenges in a sisterhood community that deep down you crave.
You have 24/7 access to our private, members-only Facebook group where you can connect with other bridal business owners, post questions, and receive feedback and support between coaching calls.


From the initial inquiry response email to the final confirmation email, and everything in between, you’ll know exactly what to say to your brides every single step of the way. No more hiccups! Trust me - if we can turn it into a template, a calendar or any copy and paste… it’s in here. You’re completely covered just copy and paste!

Total value: $32,346

Regular price: $3450

One time investment and Installment Plans Available

Peek inside the modules:

(Otherwise known as educational videos😍)


($997 Value)

($997 Value)

($997 Value)

($997 Value)


($797 Value)


($797 Value)

($997 Value)


($797 Value)

($997 Value)


($797 Value)

($797 VALUE)


($797 Value)


($997 Value)

($497 Value) 

($797 Value)

Chances are that you won’t find anything inside of the business series that you aren’t already doing… 

➡️ But what you will find is the secret sauce to add more VALUE and AUTHORITY  to your personal brand, prices and business that will attract the right brides, get them to send you an inquiry and & having them dying to pay and book you!!

No more guesswork, girl.
You’ll learn exactly how to elevate what you do and say on social media, what you say on your website, how to respond to inquiries, so you can create consistent income, stand out in a saturated market and be the most sought after!

.....and let's not forget building a six figure business doing what you love that pays more than just the bills.

You will be able to create more time and freedom.🥂



Because I want to ensure you’re 110% set up for scaling success, you get access to 3 incredible bonuses..


🥂My exact law binding contract template that Ive used to lock in over 3000 weddings and guarantee 5 star reviews . No more guessing if you are protected or not. Or, if you should be charging more for "extras." The purpose of using my contract template is so that brides understand the rules, boundaries, follow directions and create an ultimate smooth experience for both you and the bride. (Priceless) 

🥂 Posting for Profit Instagram Course.  No more guessing on what to say when you post on social media and an entire module dedicated to reels and what to say that gets immediate inquiries in your inbox every time you show up. Now doesn't that make posting fun? 😍 ($497 value)

 🥂Mindset Series Modules. So you can go into this with the right mindset to feel confident in yourself, who you are and where you are going and learn how to activate the next level version of you!

($1111 value)

By the end of our time together, you won’t even recognize your bridal business!! You’ll have a personal brand that stands apart from your competition, be the most sought out, a rock solid marketing blueprint that brings in brides on demand, even during January & mindset that can’t be beat, and all of the systems in place to scale your business to consistent income so you can stop struggling and start living.


But more importantly - you’ll be in love with your business and $10K months look really pretty, right?


Are you ready to scale your business to 6-figures without burning out?


MEET MICHAELA! Michaela went from making $500/month to consistent $10K months in just 3 months!! She now consistently hits $10K months, and is projecting a $100K year in 2021. She started implementing the strategies in Your Booked Out Bridal Business in September 2020. Just last month after her 1 year, she hit her highest $23K month and is projected to make $160K for the year. Press play to hear what she had to say:

Babe, you’ve already been working hard. Now you have the chance to work hard while KNOWING that it’s actually going to pay off and get your business to where you want it to be... (...to 6-figures and beyond, to be exact!)

Your Booked Out Bridal Business is the exact system that I used to scale from $30K/year to $100K+/year, and it’s the exact system that dozens of other bridal business owners have used to scale their business to 6-figures and beyond. 


I know that you think you need to work harder to make more money. It’s how it’s always been. But I’m offering you another choice here. 


Business gets to be easy and FUN!


And this blueprint is just that - a blueprint. There will be no guessing, no flailing around wondering what to do next. No shots in the dark at random.


Yes, this step by step blueprint can work for you.


The business that you want can be yours - but you have to take the next step and commit to it. I can’t do that for you! (TRUST ME… I would if I could)


Are you ready to scale your bridal business to 6-figures (and beyond) and start being able to paying for more than just the bills?





  • 27 Videos and trainings to guide you through marketing 101 to support you adding value and authority. You will learn how to attract ideal brides to book out and create your consistent 6 figure income. You will have the tools, scripts and worksheets to set your pricing, add value to your website to book out months in advance, all while helping you gain more confidence in yourself and in your dream business without burning out!
  • 4 months of bi-weekly group Coaching Calls for Q and A Support 
  • Supporting Templates and Worksheets
  • Access to the private Facebook community for Q and A Support
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • BONUS: Posting for Profit IG Course
  • BONUS: Law Binding Contract Template 
  • BONUS: Mindset Series Modules
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6 monthly installments of $597


  • 27 Videos and trainings to guide you through marketing 101 to support you adding value and authority. You will learn how to attract ideal brides to book out and create your consistent 6 figure income. You will have the tools, scripts and worksheets to set your pricing, add value to your website to book out months in advance, all while helping you gain more confidence in yourself and in your dream business without burning out!
  • 4 months of bi-weekly group Coaching Calls for Q and A Support
  • Supporting Templates and Worksheets
  • Access to the private Facebook community for Q and A Support
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • BONUS: Posting for Profit IG Course
  • BONUS: Law Binding Contract Template 
  • BONUS: Mindset Series Modules 
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*If you are needing to make smaller payments over a longer period of time, apply for PayPal Credit HERE.




Babe, I will even make you a promise. Within 2 days, If you get inside the program, start the modules, and think this is not for you, I will refund your money no questions asked.


But to be clear: nothing will happen if you invest in this and let it sit in your inbox. Success here requires ACTION on your part.

But I’m SO confident in the materials inside of this course that I have absolutely no problem making this promise to you… 

Because I know that if you put in the work, the success will come. 

Are you ready to take me up on that?? You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose!

Because I have done it and succeeded! I have not only created consistent income doing what I love, but I have created a 5 star award winning business. My clients love to pay me top dollar for my services because of the value I have implemented which you will learn inside the program.  I know what it takes to not only have a successful business, but one that is sustainable and recession proof.

Sure, you can try to figure it out on your own. But, google is not the answer, getting on Knot and Wedding Wire is not the answer,  getting a studio is not the answer, setting up Honey Book isn't the answer...these things don't teach you how to "market" your business. You will be "trying to figure it out" for a very long time. Learning a proven blueprint on :how to" market your business and create more value around your business is the answer for consistent imcome and a sustainable business.

Inside Your Booked Out Bridal Business, I show you how to do that.

...and I get to give it to you for a discount!💖


Enroll now!

Listen, beautiful.

I know you’re not going to give up on your business, even though it can be frusterating and burnout is real.

You’d rather work 80 hour weeks for yourself than 40 hour weeks for someone else! I get it.

I love that about you. 💖

But it’s not sustainable. You and I both know that you won’t be able to keep on like this forever… 

Wedding season after wedding season, year after year, putting in such hard work for very little reward. 

You deserve to have consistent income in your business. You deserve to not just having barely enough money to pay the bills, you deserve more than that!

You deserve a business you love that provides you consistent income, sustainability where the income finally matches your hard working efforts!

You deserve to live the life of your dreams. 

You deserve abundance.

You truly deserve to have it all. 

And you deserve to get there wayyyy faster than going at it alone.

Let me help you take your business to the next level and say bye bye to headache brides, inconsistent income,  getting ghosted and bargain price shoppers.

Are you ready to have a Booked Out Bridal Business?


Frequently Asked Questions

No way, rose! I do not. Part of being ready to scale your business to 6-figures (and then beyond) is owning your value, and you bet your butt that I’m owning mine. Everything in this program is backed by real bridal business scaling experience. I’ve never failed to scale a business to beyond 6-figures, and countless other women have done the same from right inside this program. I’m only teaching you proven strategies that work - end of story. HOWEVER, there is a 2 day 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you get inside and realize this is not for you, I will refund your money. You cant lose!

If you’re a bridal hair and makeup artist willing to put in the work for long term sustainable income, struggling to attract potential brides,  get more inquiries and turn those inquiries into bookings, then yes! Your Booked Out Bridal Business is for you.

You will scale in relation to how much work you put into the program. Some business owners come into the program, give it their absolute all, have their first $10K month at month 1, and are at 6-figures in a matter of months. Others come in and take time to digest the content and implement the teaching points slowly, in which case it does take longer to start seeing the consistent $10K+ months. Neither way is better and you will be supported in the pace that works best for you.

This depends on your business! Yes, you can be solo.  Eventually, you might want to hire a team to help support you if you want to take your business further without burning out, but you need a foundation for your bridal business first. This is the perfect start to get there.



Cheers to you girl, if you are already there, but let me spill the tea. I was making 6 figures in my business, and was so stressed, burning out and still felt like business was hard, and a lot of times I felt uncertain. If this is you too, get your butt inside YBOBB. If not, then it might be time to double to multiple 6 figures and start building wealth, create a passive income course and multiple streams of income. In this case, apply for the mastermind here. 

YBOBB is the only results driven high touch program specifically for bridal professionals. Other programs or courses might not be specifically for bridal pros, or they might be showing you how to build a business versus "how to actually get results" (money in your pocket) YBOBB shows you the "how" to obtain consistent income so you can pay for more than just the bills.

Yes, this is a tax write off! You can write the cost of this course off against your taxes (meaning, it's kind of like you get it for free). Another win, win!

You will continue to have lifetime access to the course. If you wish to stay in a community, and get your questions answered we can see if my Bridal Team Blueprint Mastermind is a good fit for you.

Babe - it’s SAFE to want more for your business and your life.

It’s safe to trust yourself. 

It’s safe to want to grow your business. 

And you don’t have to do it alone. 

Let me help you get there. I have the proven blueprint, and I’m ready to share it with you. 

Yes, you CAN have a 6-figure bridal business, and it’s right on the other side of the ‘Omg, yes!’ button.

So if you’re ready to be scale your bridal business to 6-figures (and beyond), click the button below to secure your spot in Your Booked Out Bridal Business.

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