Your Booked Out Bridal Business

This for wedding professionals looking to create a 6 figure bridal business. This is my most popular and signature program focusing on hitting your first, but many $10-$20K months to scale. Bi weekly group coaching calls with Brianna and her co coaches for support, along with a private facebook community. 3 month group program with calls.

*Posting for Profit and Bridal Team Blueprint is INCLUDED with this course.


Bridal Team Blueprint

The Bridal Team Blueprint is for any bridal pro or service provider looking to build a team but not sure how to go about it. It is great for newbies and seasoned pros looking for structure with systems, and processes. This is for the boss babe looking to step into leadership to create more wealth and freedom within her business. Self study (course) only.


Posting for Profit

Great for those that are making under $5K months or seasoned pros that are not using Instagram as an additional income stream. This is a self study course for bridal hair and makeup artists and wedding and event planners guiding you how to use Instagram to attract quality brides and book out your bridal business using Instagram.Self study (course) only.

*Bridal Social Suite is INCLUDED with this course.


Rich Babe Academy

Rich Babe Academy is a 3 month program that helps you take your expertise and big idea, turn it into an online course or passive income product and scale it to multiple 6 figures. This is create for bridal and beauty pros, as well as, online coaches that have not hit their first $10K month yet with their online course of coaching program. *This program contains strategy, mindset, manifestation and energetics. 3 month group program with calls.


Bridal Social Suite

Your 30 day copy and paste templates for Instagram posting that convert and attract high quality brides and more wedding contracts. For bridal hair and makeup artists and wedding and event planners, but this does translate well for any service related industry. Self study (course) only.


Millionaire Mastermind

For those that are already making 6 figures, Millionaire is a 6 month mindset and transformation program to help you step into the highest version of you. Kathleen Cameron and myself guide you through the steps to quantum leap your income and create the life of your dreams. This is for those that are already making 6 figures or more in their business and become a Millionaire. 6 month hybrid program with group calls and private coaching with Brianna.


Ready to Rise Mastermind

This is a 6 month transformation program for bridal and beauty pros. This is focused on both mindset and marketing strategy. This is for those who are making $10K months and looking to go to $20K and beyond. 6 month hybrid program with group calls and private coaching with Brianna.


Design Your Destiny

Great for those making under $5K per month, Design your Destiny is a course designed for all women helping you remove limitations that are holding you back in your business and in your life. If you are struggling with believing in yourself, this program will help you step into your life's purpose and ignite motivation and desire, so you can step into the woman you are wanting to become. Self study (course) only.


Ready to Rise Retreats

Who doesn't love growing their income and transforming their business on a nice tropical getaway sipping pina colada’s on the beach, or wine tasting in beautiful Napa Valley! The Ready to Rise Retreat is an intimate, in person experience, focused on embodying your next level income and the next version of you! This is a mindset and manifestation focused with in person coaching with Brianna at one of her favorite glamorous destinations around the world! Click below to apply for our next retreat in 2023.


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